Thursday, 15 September 2011

Farewell Hummer

This is my one and only hummingbird photo. We would have as many as five at a time fighting
each other over the feeder. Last week we were down to only one hummer. This morning, after a
night of high wind and waves, I found the feeder lying on the deck and syrup all over my screen
and patio glass door. I think it's safe to say they are gone for the season. I can't say I blame them.
After all, it's not as if they can enjoy the cozy fire with me. I will miss them, but look forward to
the new wonders that come with fall and winter.

Speaking of wonders, we had a Mama bear with her two cubs come to visit lastnight. They
were right up to the patio peeking in. I keep forgetting to take a picture, not a video, because
I still haven't mastered uploading a video yet. I have tried all the instructions, but it just
isn't happening. I hope they return so I can get a photo to share with you.

Our good friends and neighbors came by for supper tonight. We have known Wayne and Marg since we moved to the lake. We all attend the same church. When I asked if I could take their picture Marg said you're not going to put it on your blog, are you? No Marg, never!
This was a sunset a few nights ago . Since then it's been cloudy and rainy.
I didn't have any luck finding the fabric I wanted for my shams. I think I'll
wait until I go to visit our daughter and her family. The have a JoAnn's fabric
and a Michael's there in Michigan, so I'm hoping.......


  1. That's fantastic up-close picture of the hummingbird!
    And a beautiful sunset over the lake! It is always wonderful to enjoy dinner with friends. We did the same thing last weekend, with my long time best friend. She and I have known each other since we were two years old and kept in touch through all the moves our family made, then became college roomates, and ended up living in the same part of the world as adults.

  2. I think we've seen the last of the hummers here too - at least until March.

  3. Your hummingbird photo is EXCELLENT! Just to catch on not hovering is quite a feat!!!

  4. Did you take the picture of the hummingbird? If so, you have a very nice camera and eye....I love the lake that near you?
    Thanks for commenting over at Mel's Designs from the Cabin....I'm a follower of yours regularly...Mel

  5. Lovely lake shot. I confess I haven't figured out how to upload video either.

  6. The last 2 nights we have had heavy frost, so I believe our hummers will be moving on also. Beautiful photos:)

  7. The last 2 nights we have had heavy frost, so I believe our hummers will be moving on also. Beautiful photos:)

  8. I just tried to leave a comment and it wouldn't go through....I'll try again.
    Breathtaking sunset! - About your video problem, have you tried going into the 'Edit Html' tab, next to the 'Compose' tab where you are working on your new post? Sometimes when I can't even do spellcheck or a link, I have to go there and it works. Just a thought.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. What great pictures...the close-up of the hummer is perfect, but that sunset is just flat out gorgeous! Have a wonderful week-end!

  10. We've had a wonderful dip in temperature here, too. What a gorgeous sunset over the lake. Stay warm and cozy. Patty

  11. Oh your hummer...we had one the first of spring and so enjoyed her

    Your nature shots are just calming...and fall has come to meet you, not us yet

  12. Sad to hear that your Hummers are leaving. I love Humming Birds!

    You are funny. I chuckled when your neighbor asked if the picture was going on your blog. Of course you are!

    Have a great weekend my friend!

  13. Beautiful hummers, beautiful bears, beautiful friends (yes, Marge you are beautiful!) and the promise of a beautiful fall bedroom... all on your beautiful lake.

    You are blessed, Debbie

  14. Tell Marge she looks wonderful!!!! Bears up to the door YIKKES!


  15. I love your hummingbord is so crystal clear!

    I imagine the bears will be going into hibernation very soon.

    Your sunsets must always be so beautiful as they are reflected by the water. The pinks and violet hues in thsi one are lovely!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kimberly!

  16. We had 43 degrees here this morning. Definitely feels like fall is in the air. Wonderful picture of the hummingbird, and I love the sunset one too!

    It might be easier to put your video on Youtube first and then put the Youtube on your blog. That seemed to work better for me.

    If you are still having trouble, I might be able to help you. Send me an email if you want me to try and talk you through it.

  17. Well, now..isn' that something? Lying to your church friend!;>) She does look very sweet though!

    We did not have ANY hummers this year and I don't know why...but it was disappointing.

    I would love to see a bear up close and personal...on your blog, that is-not face to face! xo Diana

  18. Great photo of your hummer. I haven't had any since Tuesday when I took the photo I posted the other day. I guess they're gone along with the goldfinches, song sparrows and other summer birds. It's so much quieter in the yard now and miss them. :( Your mama bear and her cubs are getting a bit close aren't they? I hope you get a photo of them. I don't know how to do the video upload either.
    It's really chilly here today. One needs a heavy sweater or windbreaker. Have a great weekend. Pamela

  19. Nice photos!
    It's chilly here tonight so it must be really chilly there. No fires burning yet.
    Do you visit southern Michigan?

  20. The sunset is beautiful, I love the sky colors. Good capture of the hummer, too! I think the bears are getting a little close...are they friendly? I hope you don't find out. :D Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

  21. I think the bears got into your hummingbird feeder - they certainly like bird feeders with seeds, so nectar would be um, nectar to them!

  22. The picture of your hummer is fantastic. We still have ours but I am not sure for how much longer, they usually leave around the beginnning of October, will be sad to see them go, they provide so much enjoyment

  23. Just catching up here. ..and smiled..oh I smiled at Marg saying. .you are not going to put it on your blog though are you. .and you saying "no never Marg".
    I'm going to remember this the next time someone says that to me.

  24. What a beautiful sunset. Stunning! Oh, I just love your neck of the woods. : )


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