Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

   We had so much fun with our daughter and the grandchildren last weekend at the  pumpkin
patch! This was a new adventure since Emily and her family have moved from Des Moines
back to the U.P. But I have to say it rated an A-plus in my book as far as pumpkin patches go.
    Here is our little Lambert with a Billy goat. I think it's tickling his hand while he's trying to eat

Here's our adorable Starlet feeding the llama. This lady didn't want anything to do with you
unless you had food for her! Every 20 minutes the hayride would come with a new load of
people who would buy food for her. I don't know how she kept from bursting!

Starlet loves cats. I think she enjoyed this barn cat more than the other animals on the farm.
Probably because she could grab him and cuddle him!
Lambert was our designated pumpkin inspector!
Doesn't this make you want to start an alpaca farm? They are so sweet looking.
Now doesn't it just look like this crew is crying out, "Take me home"? We had lots of fun, but
after walking the corn maze, the hay bale maze, the pumpkin patch, climbing the hay bales,
riding the toy tractors, playing in the sand, and visiting all the animals on the farm everyone
was just plain tuckered out. I know I was! But it was priceless.
Have a awesome Tuesday friends. It's raining here again. That's fall for you!


  1. Lovely family. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Love your pics!

  2. You sure had a fun day there. I love your grandson's name. Very unique. I'm glad you had a good visit. It's still sunny and beautiful here. Sorry you're caught in that rain system that isn't budging. :(

  3. What a wonderful day you had! Love all the pictures of those kids...especially the one of Lambert with the billy goat. I love the expression on his face! It does make for a tiring day though doesn't it? xo Diana

  4. It's great to see your grandchildren.
    And how fun to spend such a great time at the Pumpkin Patch. That is truly a great family outing.

    Cute, cute, cute!

  5. Love seeing the grand kiddos, such cuties...looks like loads of fun at the pumpkin patch! xo

  6. Aw, this looks like so much fun! What a great way to spend the day enjoying your family. Great pictures! :-)

  7. Very nice and I am sure you had such a fun time.

  8. I came over from Vee's Blog--looks like a nice day! Not fall here in Alabama--just yet. Blessings

  9. What a wonderful family time at the pumpkin patch. We haven't been yet, probably in the next week or two. The grandkids really love it.

  10. I'll bet the kids slept well that night! I can't wait to take my grandson - October is my very best favorite time of year.


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