Thursday, 8 September 2011

Double Meaning

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This, my friends, is a camp photo taken from a Cabbage & Roses book I checked out from
the library. Now remember-CAMP.
This is a COTTAGE where one would go cottaging, right? OK, so now you are wondering why
I'm asking such a stupid question. We all know that a "Camp" can be a tent, a cabin, even a shack that one has situated in either the woods or the country. A "cottage" can actually be the
same, but I more often think of the beautiful English cottages scattered around the UK's countryside. But apparently these two words can mean something totally different in England.
A very sweet blogger from there bravely e-mailed me this morning to let me know this just in
case I might like to change my blog name. I am not going to go into any details here. I'm sure
it can probably be found on-line if one wishes to investigate the "alternative" meaning. Just
think of the word we have used once upon a time to say "I had a "jolly" ol' time.
So, naturally I spent a good deal of my morning debating about what I should do. Should I change my name? No! I love my blogging name and I had my own special reasons for wanting
to call my blog "camp & cottage living". But I didn't want my UK friends to get the wrong impression either. So I  e-mailed a favorite English blogging friend and she assured me not to worry about it at all. So it's settled I'm not going to-at all.
Now on to some fall decorating!
I bought these antler recently. They were covered in camouflage. Yuck! A man thing, of course. Don't they look so much better in the velvet? I have two fall moose pictures to hang with these to complete this woodsey, fally look.

I purchased these from Fabric and they are copyrighted, so please don't
copy them!!
These were originally purchased for pillows, but I think they'll look better framed.
Over our breakfast this morning my DH  told me he had taken some "nature" photos I
might want to put on my blog. I said, "Oh really, what was that?" I could tell by the
mischevious look on his face I wasn't going to like this. I just knew it had to be a photo
of me snoring in that "natural" way that I do. But he assured me "No" he would never
do something like that to me and expect me to put it on my blog. Frankly, with all the
work I had to do today I completely forgot about it. But when he brought it up again at
supper I thought it really must be something special so I uploaded the photos and  this
is what I got!!! A cobweb in our bedroom window! Well I guess that is an example
of "nature" at work and me not at work. He didn't think I would post it. But I'm
here to let the world know that I'm no "phoneyfit"! So there you go Honey!

I have a favor to ask. If there is anyone with any extra time on their hands
that can explain to me in elementary terms how to get a video to upload for
posting, I would be so....grateful.
 The MIL camp is close to being ready to
photograph. It's a long ways from being done, but it is really looking like
a sweet cottage now. DH is doing working hard at it every day.
I joined the Bunny Hop over at BunnyJeans Decor & More today.
Until next time, Kimberly


  1. I have never done a video but there is a film like thing to click on next to the one to upload photos. I clicked on it but then realized that I wouldn't know how to copy it once I found a video that I wanted...Good luck. xo

  2. I'm glad you're not changing your name! With so many of us blogging from all over the world we all have an opportunity to learn something about other cultures and the nuances of our common language.

  3. I like your name, and I feel right at home with the "nature" in the window...I have them too, we all do,,,we just have to bring ourselve to admit's more to learn over at Mel's Designs from the Cabin blog....join me in making cornbread and stew today ...Mel

  4. Oh gosh, totally don't worry about the name. It's fantastic as is, regardless!
    LOL on the nature photo.

  5. I wish I could help with your video. I have only ever uploaded youtube videos and they come with a code. :o)
    Your sweet little cob web is fun! :o) Aren't our sweet husbands too much fun!
    Have a great day!
    Sincerely, Trish

  6. Silly ol' people in England! ;-)
    I know my vacuum cleaner sucked up some of nature's best this past weekend.

  7. Now that sounds like a bit of nature my husband would point out, too. I walk out our side door a couple of days ago and you would have thought I was walking through a cave with the cobweb I walked through. It's just that time of the year. I love your name and it suits (the American version, lol) you and your blog perfectly! Patty

  8. I LOVE your blog name, and I love that photo! haha...Soo something my hubby would do. I wish I could help you on a video. I only know how to do with a html code. Anything else I get one of my sons to do. Have a good day, and good luck with that video! HUGS

  9. I love your husband's sense of humor! And I love your how your housekeeping skills rival mine! Just kidding. I am certainly not one to judge by one overachieving spider's work... ;)

    Love the fall decor, and LOVE your blog name.

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. I wish I could just show you. I sat here and stared at the screen but the words just go blank. It is easy because I did it and if I can do it you can. Just click on the icon at the top of the screen where you normally load pictures and next to it will be the movie icon.
    Then it will have the place you put the HTMl code or the place the movie is on your computer. If you want to do a You Tube video it will go to the embed code and copy and paste that into the window. Most of it though you can just click and blogger can do it for you.
    Sorry, I have to sit and fool with it for a bit but it is pretty easy.
    I bet this comment is as clear as
    I hope I didn't just confuse you further.

  11. Oh this made me laugh. Years ago when we were hosting a group of British Scouts we found out that "pants" to them meant underwear! I'm glad you didn't change your's a Canadian thing!

  12. Oh I was given a lesson on using a term was so far from the meaning I had understood all my life, or even the meaning I have read in books...then my husband and I sent 30 minutes or more going over changed meanings...Mouse, now am I speaking of the live one or the one you use with the computer...the list got longer and longer...we decided that is part of society, changing the meanings of words

    Love your pictures...the cobweb...that is great!!

  13. i love your blog name....i have a book called Camps And Cottages around here somewhere...i need to go and look for it

    happy to stop by today, my friend

    kary and teddy

  14. Kimberly,
    I just learned how to add a home video to my blog. Try Goggling it or YouTube it. Let me know how you do. If you need help, email me.

    Glad you kept your title!!

  15. I never heard of that double meaning before, but I like your blog name as it is. Lovely pictures of the camp and cottage. :-)

  16. I'm glad your not changing the blogs name and love the cobwebs, I think you would be able to find some under my beds pretty easily

  17. WEll, CAMP it all! There is always a double meaning for just about everything, isn't there? I'm glad you are keeping the fits..and anyone that checks it out looking for "fun" will run the other way when they see the spider webs in your bedroom...bwhahahaha. I LOVE real!

    As far as uploading a video? You know how you go to that little icon on top to upload your pictures? The one next to it that looks like a black board with the striped arm on it is for videos. You click on that and click on browse...go find your video (just like you go find your pictures) and then hit upload..and then wait. Sometimes it takes a long time for them to load. I changed the resolutions on my camera setting so they have less quality but upload quicker. When it is done it will not look like much on your blog screen...but if you hit preview you will be able to see what it will look like to the blogging world. Hope this works for you. xo Diana

  18. Kimberly, When you learn how to upload a video....maybe you could blog it? I don't know the first thing about it, but I'd like to learn. I have one of those flip cams that's 18 months old and I've never even opened it up.

  19. Hey gorgeous,

    I'm soooo glad you've resolved not to change. I guess there's always going to be a slight language hiccup every now and then. I always laugh when I hear the word 'pants' for trousers. Here in England it means underpants! Heehee.

    I LOVE that cobweb picture - that's JUST the kind of thing my husband would say too!!


  20. I learned about one of the meanings for the word "camp" when we were visiting friends in Vermont - they said Vermonters would say they were going to their "camp" when they meant their vacation cabin. The other meaning of the word doesn't have any significance in the context of your blog title, and even if it did, it doesn't make any difference at all. That is the beauty of the English language: we can say gay to mean happy, carefree or fun, or we can say gay to mean a person who is a homosexual. When used in the proper context, the person with whom you are talking knows exactly what you mean.

    Don't change the title of your blog. I could tell from the appearance of your blog that "camp" meant cabin, not the other. And what difference does it make anyway?

  21. Love the name of your blog, and the " cottagy camp photo too! Have you seen MaryJanesFarm outpost tents? She has them set up on her farm as outdoor BnB camp cottages!
    Can't wait to see the MIL camp!

  22. I just found your blog and I love the name!!!!!! I will be back!
    and we even have something in comman, I just figure the cobwebs will look cool come Halloween!

  23. I love the name too, you have captured both the cottage and camp aspect. We had a discussion on my blog about the same thing, Is It A Cottage?Is It A Camp? Is It A Cabin?" which led to some interesting comments. People definitely have some ideas about cottage vs camp. I enjoy your blog, keep posting.
    The Cottage Chronicles


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