Monday, 21 November 2011

Bathroom Storage Tips

        Living in a small house holds it's challenges for storage. I am a person that can not tolerate
        junk sitting around on my counters. Unless, of course, it's pretty junk! I try to find ways of
       displaying objects I need right at hand  in an appealing manner.
            When I saw this old condiment holder, minus it's proper glassware, I knew I had
            found just what I needed for a few of my bathroom essentials. I bought 5 juice glasses
           to replace what was missing.
             I've used this for the last couple of years to house my Q-tips, cotton balls, clippers,
             lipsticks, and hairpins.
           Here I've used a silver plated tray to hold my powder (inside the sugar shaker), my bath
           salts, and Epsom salts. This you can see in the cabinet in my first photo.
           I am presently tinkering with my bathroom. I brought back an old medicine cabinet from
           my MIL's home that I've painted, and am working on pictures for the wall. So I will
           follow up in a later post with those photos.
           I hope this is of help to someone else that lives in a smallish home and is space challenged
           like I am!
           We are off to town for the day. I am participating in an Christmas apron swap. So I'll
           be shopping for fabric for that. It's been in the 20's here. I actually wore my thermal
           undies for my walk today. I'm such a wimp!!
           Hope you have a blessed day today-Kimberly


  1. These are LOVELY and wonderful ideas for storage of the little things!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Kimberly!

  2. Those are clever and pretty ideas. :o) Have fun shopping for your fabric and try to stay warm! :o) love. Trish

  3. Kim,
    I have my thermal undies on right now getting ready to walk the dog. (A daily 6 mile walk). I love your display idea. I agree things look better sitting out if they are organized and look like they have a reason for being there. Very pretty!

  4. Hi Kimberly,

    What a great idea!
    Love the silver condiment tray...
    Very pretty and practical too!
    All the Best,

  5. Great idea for storage! Looks good. I'd be in those thermals too. Christmas apron swap sounds fun...I never did get to making mine..took to long on the jammies. Have a good day!

  6. I love your blue and white bathroom!

  7. Love what you have done in your bathroom. Those storage ideas are great. You are blessed with weather to go along with the holidays. We are to be in the 70's today and I dug back out my capris. Hope your day shopping is a rewarding one

  8. Thanks for sharing those good ideas! I love the bottles of powder and salts.

  9. Great tips! Love that bathroom and presume that it is yours. It's charming!

  10. It looks lovely and I am a person who doesn't like things out on counters. I can stand it a bit and then I just have to have clean space.
    My old house was a perfect house with more storage than I ever even used.
    Then we built this and moved here.
    No storage. It should have had a basement but we didn't put one in because well, earthquakes-basements,
    well, no one does that.
    I didn't notice that there would be no place for the air conditioning units, guess where they went? My closets.
    I might have a lovely large house by no storage.
    So I just throw lots of stuff away.
    It makes you get creative.
    I like your ideas for the bath room.
    Sorry, I wrote this long thing in your chat. I am supposed to be doing school and I just thought I would check in for a second.
    Have a great day,

  11. These are such sweet ideas. I love the old condiment holder with the juice glasses. Very clever. Your bathroom is pretty and I will look forward to seeing your new changes. Have fun decorating. Pamela

  12. Great storage ideas. I love it when storage becomes pretty and decorative. Living "small" invites that challenge, doesn't it? Very lovely, Kimberly! I hope you find the perfect fabric and that your day is wonderful! xo Diana

  13. Cute Cute Cute!!!
    Your bathroom might be small but it has a great style.

  14. Lovely! I'm all about making the utilitarian cute or pretty too. I even painted my tomato cages a couple of springs ago to make them more appealing. Your necessities look beautiful and I love how you have repurposed so many things. Great ideas!

  15. You are so creative!
    What great ideas to store stuff and to keep everything clutter free.

    As I've mentioned before, we too live in a smaller home, and it does become a challenge to keep everything organized.

    I've found myself simplifying,simplifying, simplifying!!

    Have fun today, and hope you find the perfect fabric!1

  16. Creative...and so charming! Love what you've done. Elegant and useful :)

  17. You've been very creative in finding pretty solutions for your storage problems. It's nice to have things conveniently displayed where they will be used. I like the beautiful color on the walls. You've done a great job. I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.------

  18. Love, love the clever ideas!
    I love thinking out of the box!

  19. Your bathroom is beautiful, I love the turquoise in there, so lovely. Your ideas for storage are wonderful, I love them and I will probably copy them, if you don't mind.
    I live in a very small house, too, cozy but very small.
    Hugs, Cindy

  20. Cute, cute Kimberly! I love using unique items for storage. One thing about living in a smaller home, it's so cozy. I love our larger home, but it really doesn't have the same feel. I'm trying my best to make it feel a bit more cozy, but not quite the same. Love your entire bath!

  21. You have such a way with decoration. It looks just perfect!

  22. I love the silver and glass careful of glass in the bathroom...your cabinet is nice storage...My bathroom closet is that big...(cough...or little)'s mainly filled with towels, 'cause there's no floor space...just enough to dry off and open the door...I do have a huge basement and plenty of storage and it's well used...Mel's Designs from the Cabin

  23. You are so creative and that is just beautiful! Your bathroom is just lovely

  24. good reminder and good ideas and beautifully display!

  25. Very clever, practical, and pretty ways to store things, Kimberly. I wish I was as organized as you are! :D


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