Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Some 20 something years ago Nanna taught my daughter Emily how to knit. Emily passed this
on to her daughter, Starlet. And now Nanna is teaching Great-Granddaughter as she once did
Granddaughter. I can't think of a much better legacy to pass on. It's a craft that will bring hours
of enjoyment. It's a craft that enables one to produce gifts of love for others. Gifts that when worn
remind us of those who lovingly made the special piece for us. I love inheriting objects that I can gaze upon that reminds me of the loved one who gave it, but one of my most precious memories is of the hours my patient Grandma spent teaching me to embroider. I remember her taking me to Woolworths and letting me pick out my own dresser scarf and the embroidery floss in the colors I wanted. Every time I embroider now I think of her.

Now Starlet will have her own memories of the time her Great Nanna lovingly and patiently spent
teaching her a craft that will live on and on. May the legacy continue.

Lambert is our little paleontologist. He has loved and collected dinosaurs since he was a wee little
guy. It was so funny- I was reading him one of his many dinosaur books and butchering their
names. I guess he was making all kinds of puzzled face whenever I pronounced them, but he didn't correct me until finally I think it got to be too much for him!  He is a spitting image of his Dad, Ryan. I realize I didn't get any pic of Emily or Ryan this trip.

This is the 'Mother Hubbard' coat I bought Starlet last winter while I was still up north. It has a beautiful purple duffle liner underneath. It is the traditional coat of the Inuit women and girls. I think she would fit right in-in
the Arctic regions, don't you?
    Sorry to say, the little guys have gotten away from wearing any coats representing their heritage, except for ceremonies. So I didn't have a special coat I could purchase for Lam. But maybe I'll pass on my musk oxen rack to him someday! That is about as close as one can get to a
pre-historic animal these days anyway.  As usual our trip was short, but sweet. I'm sure looking forward to spending more time with these two at Christmas holidays! 
Today I am devoting my time to getting my living room back in order now that the stack of boxes
are gone. I have to tell you that I have already packed away my fall decorations. I was truly sick
of looking at them! Anyone else feel that way yet? I am waiting until the first of December to start with the Christmas deco so I don't burn out on it too quickly too. I'd better get at it now. 
Have a great day-Kimberly


  1. That Mother Hubbard is sweet! When we lived in Northern Alberta I sewed myself two beautiful wool parkas, trimmed them with white fox and appliqued with white leather. It has been over 25 years and I still have those two coats!

  2. that coat looks super warm!

    I agree, a wonderful talent and legacy to pass along!

  3. Oh that is a beautiful coat! I love it.
    I smile at the dinosaur love by your little guy so fun.

    Oh how wonderful to have the great grandmother still teaching the younger generation to knit.

    I am cleaning closets. .. Christmas decorations are the treat upon completing the tasks. .which should last me until the end of November.

  4. It warms my heart to see Grandma teaching the generations. I have fond memories of my great aunt Ella teaching me to crochet..the patience of Job!! - That coat is a good example that you can be pretty and warm at the same time! - I am still enjoying the fall colors but also looking forward to the first of December.

  5. they are ready for winter...how cute is she ,my neighbor made Mimi one of these for summer though..... the smile on your little man is precious!
    so nice to pass on traditions!

  6. I am starting to get ready to pack mine away. I was looking this morning thinking the same thing.
    My DIL is coming today to sit and knit and have tea and visit. So it will be very nice and I get to spend time with those grand kids. It looks like you had a fantastic weekend, The coat is wonderful.
    I hope you have a nice week.

  7. Love heritage and tradition, memories passed onto the next generation are priceless! Yep, I'm starting on my Christmas decorating this weekend, can't wait!

  8. Good morning! Yes a legacy to pass on is just one of life's blessings I treasure. The coat is adorable and looks super warm. I take down the Fall decs as I put up the Christmas ones...no point in making extra work, haha...but yes, I am done looking at mine too. Have a good day!

  9. What wonderful memories of learning from grandma.
    My grandma taught me how to crochet... many, many moons ago.
    I can only do simple chain stitches, but I still remember her teaching me.

    Your grands are adorable! How blessed you are!!

    I've not really got to much "Fall" decor out, so it should be easy to get put away.

    Looking forward to the day after Thanksgiving. It is our day to put up the tree, and Christmas decor.

    Hope this week is a great one for you!

  10. Oh this is precious--and I love her coat!! So adorable!! I know what you mean about decorating for Christmas...It's like, "Let me start now!" LOL

  11. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was very young. We knit a blanket together for a first project - each doing 3 strips. I still have it somewhere (the cottage I think) It is terribly ugly (think 1970's colors and style Lol) but it will have to fall apart before I throw it out.

  12. Love those times when grandma teaches the next generation...warms the heart and soul....Mel's Designs

  13. I love that first photo of Nanna passing down the craft of knitting. That is a cherished photo for sure. We're a family of knitters also, some of us better than others. That looks like a really warm coat. Better hang onto it. She is probably going to need it. I'm ready to pack up the pumpkins and get on with the turkey too.

  14. Hi Kimberly,

    What a great tradition to pass the legacy on...
    Knitting is so great and the gifts that can be made are so special...
    Have a great week!
    All the Best,

  15. Your post put me in mind of my dear Grandmother, who taught me to knit. Since I've started spinning, I've thought of her often...she would love to have my wool!

  16. Your grandkids are so cute! Love her coat! My mom taught me to crochet. That is something that I will always take with me and be grateful for. :-)

  17. Oh this is a very special post. I didn't know that we shared grandmothers and Woolworth experiences. I loved selecting embroidery thread colors for my dresser scarf, too! Your granddaughter's coat is so pretty and it looks so cozy warm.

  18. What a wonderful legacy! How special that she can pass the talent on to another generation. My grandma tried to teach me to crochet years ago and I just didn't have the patience then. It's one of my greatest regrets as she's now gone and I missed that chance.

  19. How wonderful! These are things that will never be forgotten. What a Blessing to have grandparents that will take the time to teach our little ones some of these almost lost talents..
    Congrats to these kids...

  20. Kimberly, what a wonderful legecy! I wish I could knit and/or crochet! I can't do either one and I'm so sad about that. I tried and I can do a few stiches, but never made anything in my life, so your family is one of my idols!! Just wonderful.

  21. Your granddaughter has a beautiful coat! She's a very fortunate girl to have such a special tutor for knitting.
    I'm sick of the fall decor, too, and it's being put away as soon as I have the time! Never thought I'd say that as fall is my favorite season. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I can't wait to decorate!

  22. Ahhhh, family traditions! What a joy to witness. I put our Fall decor away too. My daughter's birthday is soon and she has asked to get out the Christmas stuff!

  23. I love legacies like baking, cooking, sewing, embroidering, knitting, etc - that are passed down from generation to generation. They speak to our heritage and days of yore.

    You have the cutest grandkids! You must want to squish them up in hugs all the time.

  24. What wonderful memories can be passed down through the years when time is spent with children.
    I love the coat, it's beautiful!

  25. Hi Kimberly,
    What a wonderful legacy! I was the youngest of 8 children in my family. All of my grandparents had passed away before I was old enough to know any of them. I did however have Aunts and Uncles that filled the bill. Having a wonderful Nana to pass down knowledge is such a blessing! I loved getting to know a bit about these cuties. Especially love the Mother Hubbard coat. As much as I love decorating I do get sick of the cluttery look of it. As soon as the holiday is over I'm ready to get back in order. Living in the states we go from Halloween, right into Thanksgiving and then Christmas. I like my decor out early so I start right after Thanksgiving. But it will come down right after Christmas. Kindof nice to have the house not so full for a while. Can you believe some people have trees up already?

  26. I do the same for my grandchildren just wish there was more time in the day -- these moment will be cherished Memories!
    I bet my grand daughters would love that coat too.. sweet photo!

  27. I'm glad your family is passing on the gift of knitting. It's something I never did well but my older sister has knitted for years and has taught her granddaughters how to knit. That coat is just gorgeous! I love the colour and know the wool undercoat would keep her toasty warm. I've started a bit of decorating but can't seem to keep at it as the weather is so un-wintery! Have a great day. Pamela

  28. Kimberly enjoyed reading your lovely post. Your grand daughter is a sweetie and I really smile when I saw her Alaskan coat. ( I forget it real name) I bought one for my grand daughter too when I lived in Alaska. I also enjoyed seeing the pics of the Art Gallery in your early post. I always enjoy seeing your decorating ideas. Hugs Judy

  29. Adorable photos, life lessons and precious memories....really loved this post.


  30. Ah knitting! My aunt taught me a bit many years ago and I learned more in a home economics class. I never adopted it though and I did do a bit of embroidery work but never stuck with it. I think I'm too impatient! I think that's really sweet that your granddaughter got the opportunity to do this with her Great Grandmother! Cherish the memories! I know you do!

  31. Up here in Alaska we call those coats kuspuks! They are so beautiful! The Yupik and Chupik women make dresses and blouses in the same pattern with the beautiful trim and the hoods.


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