Thursday, 10 November 2011

Merry, Holly, Jolly Christmas!

                               A little early for Christmas greetings? Yes, I agree whole-heartedly!
                               But I have to tell you after receiving this adorable holiday apron
                               from Jann at A Cup of Mrs. Olson, I am starting to get more into the
                               spirit of Christmas. Many of you will remember I won this in a drawing
                              she held a couple of weeks ago.
                                   This is exactly the kind of fabric I would have chosen had I
                                   been making a Christmas apron. I still love the traditional
                                   red and greens Jann used, don't you? With the added rick-
                                   rack it's just perfect. I wonder if Jann knew that I was a
                                   Christmas baby some 50 plus years ago! And knowing my age,
                                    should put to rest any ideas that you might have gotten from
                                   looking a this picture that I might have a bun in the oven!
                                  That's just padding I put there to fill the apron out. Not!
                                This is our snow for today. Not quite the winter wonderland
                                I've been looking forward to. Not to worry though, if the
                                forecasters are right, we will be getting our fair share.
                                I am previewing for you tomorrows post. Why? Because
                               I had originally scheduled this for July 11th, but accidentally
                               hit 11-11-11 instead. So if it looks a little summery for a fall
                               post, that is why. But I didn't delete it because "I liked it"!
                               If you are a 'Cabbage&Roses' fan, I think you will too.
                               Blessings my friends-Kimberly


  1. I love the apron - padding and all! You are funny. I didn't know you are a Christmas baby. Such a special day to be born on. I have a nephew Christmas baby too. Your snow looks like wet stuff that doesn't last but it will come soon enough. I look forward to seeing your next post even if it's a few months late. Blessings, Pamela

  2. Cute apron! Not too early to start preparing. Although I did get a Christmas card Tuesday - and I thought that was too early! I actually just put together my holiday themed giveaway today and took pictures - hoping I can reach 500 followers by early December so I can do the giveaway! :-)

  3. Cute apron!! You're all ready for Christmas baking. Your little grands are adorable. Mimi

  4. Hi there, Congrat's on winning such an adorable apron. I've been looking for some that are made from old fashioned hankerchiefs.
    My youngest daughter is a Christmas baby too, I always say she was my best present ever. Can't wait for you post tomorrow.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. The apron looks great! I love the fabrics too. I'm in no hurry for snow, so I'll be more than happy to have you enjoy it instead of me!

  6. Not familiar with Cabbage & Roses; I'll have to look them up. Love your apron. Just in time for the holidays.

  7. If you put rick-rack on an apron, I find it so irresistible.
    How fun!
    You crack me up! Funny post.
    Happy 11/11/11! lol

  8. The apron is adorable, and if that is padding, I am in big trouble, haha! I am hoping to get to a few aprons after I finish up with my jammies, but I don't know. I am starting to feel it in my back....I do much better when I don't go on LONG sewing binges...soo me though...we will see. Hope you are having a good day...rain is in our forecast.

  9. Hi Kimberly,

    The apron looks great on you!
    I like the cabbage and roses picture!!
    I would love to get my hands on some of their new Quilting fabrics...
    I have a Birthday in December too!
    It kind of runs in our family...
    All the Best,

  10. Kimberly- Love the apron. What a wonderful thing to have a special apron just for the Christmas season. I'll be popping around tomorrow for Cabbages and Roses! xo Diana

  11. Pretty apron. I like the ruffle detail at the bottom. No snow here, yet:)

  12. HA! you gave me such a chuckle today.
    Love the apron, padding and all! and can't wait to see the summery 'fall' post... looks comfy.

    take care, Pat

  13. Beautiful apron. How fun!
    Love the classic Christmas colors too.
    Looking forward to your bit of summer post :)

  14. Ahhh, another headless woman. Oh dear. =) The apron looks adorable on you and you don't look in the least "padded." Silly girl.

    I'm amazed that anyone has a post in the can that she has not carefully watched like a teakettle. I'll be back!

    Enjoy the smidge of snow...

  15. Hi Kimberly,
    What a sweet little apron! I love it. I am thinking I might make myself a Christmas apron.
    I love the cabbages and roses and yes, you will probably still get winter, don't despair.
    We certainly have winter, it just suddenly descended on us and is here to stay now for a few months I think. I'm very happy about it!
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. Your new apron is fabulous, I agree the rick-rack makes it just adorable. We had the same miserable white stuff outside today. I like cabbage roses also:)

  17. How could you not be in the Christmas Spirit in that cute retro Christmas apron. I remember sewing rickrack on aprons ages ago. No snow yet here but we're supposed to get lots of rain. It's actually warm today. I still miss those cabbage roses bedding, since they went to solid colors. JB

  18. What a fun apron. So retro - love it!

  19. Love the sneak peek......I could use a little summer post!

  20. Kimberly, The apron looks so cute on you! Too bad somebody cut off your head. lol! Boy, I keep finding more and more similarities with us. It just so happens that my first born was born on Christmas. Hence the mane, Nichole. Even had to add the h. I have a soft spot in my heart for Christmas babies. Mine arrived two weeks early. I love Cabbage & Roses so I can't wait to see your post. Hope you whip a yummy Christmas treat in your apron!

  21. Me again, guess I am dislexic, or at least my fingers are.You know I meant name, not mane. Too funny!

  22. I love the apron like everyone else. I'm still looking for the padding in the picture, you goofy girl. I'm busy sewing for Christmas and hoping to get a jump start and not wait til the last minute. I might have to include some aprons this year! So cute!

  23. That looks more like ice than snow! The apron is perfect, I love the full ones


  24. That is such a great apron, it reminds me of the style my great grandmother wore. You made me laugh out loud with the 'bun in the oven' remark, haha! - Time goes too fast, it seems like just a few weeks ago that you told about the mess up on the blog post date, wow! xo

  25. Oh what a cute apron! I would have chosen the very same one! :o) I wonder if she sells them? Congratulations on your win, you will have such a special time wearing your darling new apron!!


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