Friday, 11 November 2011

Cabbage&Roses Country

  I don't know about you, but I love to create vignettes with a combination of old books, old
family photos, and collectibles that have special meaning to me.

This is an example from Cabbages and Roses "At Home with Country".         

What I especially love in this book is the Outdoor Country chapter. It features a place
called "Feather Down Farm". I am not going to tell you all the details about this place.
I'll leave it to you to either check this book out from your library or purchase it and read
all about it. Because you'll enjoy all the other goodies in the book as well as this particular
What would you think of tent living? I actually lived in a pop up tent with four
children ages 4-14 for seven months while waiting for a home to be completed.
That was between June-Dec.19th! It was a challenge, but when it was all said
and done, it was amazing to find that we do not need all the extras we think we
do to live and be happy. The biggest issue was privacy, of course. And because we
were in Michigan, the water spigot froze and we had to carry water for over a month.
 But we really some fabulous memories and a lot of funny recollections to laugh about
when we get together.
If I'd had this option I might not have wanted to move into that home!

The book states that Feather Down Farms endorse an appreciation of the simple things
in life, a philosophy that lies at the heart of Cabbage and Roses.  This is what underlines
the move to celebrate simplicity, beauty, and quality over consumerism, fads, and fashions.
Now this looks cozy enough, doesn't it? So what do you think, are you ready to go
this simple? Even for a summer? I think I could use another summer like the one
I mentioned to help me have a greater appreciation for all I do have or better yet-
to help me put into perspective the real necessities for living my life.
Here is a favorite song of mine.

"This life is a difficult riddle,
for how many people we see
with faces as long as a fiddle
that ought to be shining with glee.
I am sure in this world there are plenty
of  good things enough for us all
And yet there's not one out of twenty
but thinks that his share is too small.

"Then what is the use of repining
For where there's a will there's a way,
and tomorrow the sun may be shining,
although it is cloudy today.

"Do you think that by sitting and sighing
you'll ever obtain all you want?
It's cowards alone that are crying
and foolishly saying, 'I can't!'
It is only by plodding and striving
and laboring up the steep hill
of life, that you'll ever be thriving
which you'll do if you've only the will."
Taken from "The Long Winter" by Laura Ingalls Wilder
We are off  today for blueberry picking in Wawa. It is such a gorgeous drive-I should have
some photos to share with you tomorrow if it's a sunny day. Today's high was 58. It was
windy all day, causing the power to go out for a while. I wish I could do videos for you,
because my DH got some great footage. And then a momma bear with her baby came
into the yard. Sadly, I spooked them after only 15 seconds of video. Next time I'll do photos.
That way I can share them with you. Here is a still picture of the lake. Maybe you'll
be able to get an idea of the wind by seeing the rolling waves. Just use your imagination!
Blessing to you all dear friends!


  1. Mmmmmm, summer!

    That tent is cool! I think the worst part of living in a tent would be the cold/heat extremes. Other than that, it would be doable.

  2. The waves are more like the OCEAN than lake! We had elderly neighbors in the 1980's who had lived in Montana in the early 1900's, her husband was a miner and they lived in a tents, in the WINTER! They had a stove in the middle of the tent. Cannot imagine!

  3. Blueberry picking is really the only give away that this was written awhile ago. Neat post. I can't believe what a pioneer you've been! I've heard of people living in cellars until the house was built, but not in a tent in December. It must have been an extra special Christmas that year!

  4. Fun post...and living in tent, well we had a pop-up camper and I loved it...well to live in for about 2 weeks max for the 7 people.

    I can just hear the memories you made...they will never forget

    Love the song..that was the icing on the cake for this post!

  5. I could do that tent for a few months but would have to draw the line when it gets to be zero out. :) You have a beautiful view where you live.

  6. Ahhh, the simple life. Beautiful photos Kimberly. I think I could stay in that tent pictured for a couple of days but at my age living in a regular tent would not be pleasant! I'm spoiled and I guess I really do appreciate the comforts of home. :) Blessings, Pamela

  7. Wonderful wonderful wonderful......bliss to the heart!

  8. Beautiful post, Kimberly. I love the simple life. I can only imagine the wonderful memories you must have from living in the tent with your family those few months.
    Great photos!

  9. I'm sure that living in a tent for an extended period of time is a challenge ---especially during the weather extremes....

    I've only been in a tent when we were camping. The hardest part of that was finding a comfy place to sleep. Even an air mattress gets OLD.... ha

    Great thoughts today --and great groups of photos...

    Enjoy your blueberry picking.

  10. Seven months in a tent with four kids!! Ay-yi-yi! You're a much stronger person than I am!

    I love the idea of simplifying though. I need to do a lot of that.

    I love the picture of the lake--so pretty. :-)

    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  11. Kimberly- what a neat song- don't think I have ever heard it before...and that drive for blueberries-WOW- Can't wait to see that! xo Diana

  12. now I need to see if I can get this book. Lots and lots of beautiful, and inspirational pictures:)

    Have a wonderful time blueberry picking, and I can't wait to see your pictures!

  13. You know...I would love to be able to try the tent living for a week or so...
    I've been begging my husband to sell our home and move into a travel trailer...everyone thinks I'm crazy..sounds fun and I like the thoughts of feeling cozy...
    Thanks for sharing..

  14. These pictures are gorgeous. I'm not sure how I would do with the camping or the cottage life, but it would be fun to try.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. I found your blog through a comment about your father still active after his service to our country. Thank him for me. I love your little place in the world.

  16. I stayed in a camp trailer for 3 years while building our home.. But I had teenagers not little ones -- and was forever grateful for the home to be completed and to this day I don't want to repeat the trailer life.. haha -- good to be back to pop in and see all that I've missed - my I have..indeed!
    Hugs.. I'll be back..

  17. I love the Cabbage and Roses now; thanks for filling me on them. No tent living; I've done it and only under extreme circumstances will I go back there. You just live in an absolutely beautiful place. I love all your photos give me a view of your world. Love it.

  18. What a gorgeous lake Kimberly! I love the outdoors and love roughing it. That is for a time. Sure would miss my hot nightly bath. It is amazing that you were able to do that. I think that's awesome! What a wonderful experience for your young'uns! This book looks fab. I think I must order it!

  19. What a fun book! I'm not much of a camper, but I could certainly have some fun in a gorgeous tent like that!

  20. Ahhh, Kimberly....lovely post. Berry picking and the simple things in life! SOunds wonderful! Great photos, thanks for sharing them. :)

  21. Ahhh, Kimberly....lovely post. Berry picking and the simple things in life! SOunds wonderful! Great photos, thanks for sharing them. :)

  22. I live in an RV, so that camp really looks HUGE to me! It is so sweet!


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