Monday, 7 November 2011

No Place Like Home!

    There's no place like home. There's no place like home. I have to tell you ladies I don't think
    there is anyone that is more of a homebody than me! I am terrible. We left on Friday to move
    my MIL here from MI and we arrived home on Sunday afternoon. I can't tell you how happy
    I was when we pulled into the drive and I saw our home welcoming us back again. 

                         However, the whole trip was worth it because of this little guy!
                                           It was worth it because of this little ballerina!
                                                     And this wild haired  toddler!
       After watching our little ballerina at dance class, Papa and I treated our oldest sons family
       to breakfast. We only got to spent Sat. with them, but we crammed in enough time to play      
       hungry hippo and Lego's, some tic-tac toe and computer science games together. Our son is
       out east working at restoring power to all of those who are still out. His 1st week was in MA,
       but he is now in CT. His crew are all working 18 hr. days-7 days a week. I know his family
       will sure be happy when their Daddy gets home again!
       I will be back in a couple of days to show off my new Christmas apron. It is supposed to snow
       Wed. so this will make the perfect background for modeling, don't you think? Jann Olson's
       drawing for another apron is tonight. I can't wait to see who will win and how many of you
       guessed correctly on which apron I chose for myself. Have a Happy Monday friends-Kimberly


  1. What little darlin's they are!!! I don't know if you saw my Victorian Christmas, but I've got lots of fun and tutorials there for Christmas projects.

    Your son is so lucky that he is on the storm...My husband got hurt, so he can't go--sure wish he could!!!

  2. You are so right.. there is no place like home.
    Those are some pretty cute kiddos.... I'm certain that they made the whole trip worth it :)

    Glad you're back safe and sound. Hope that you can get settled back into your routine this week.

    Stay warm... sending hugs.

  3. Nothing beats that feeling of pulling into your driveway after being away, but you sure had a good excuse to be away! What a bunch of cuties!!

  4. You, me and Dorothy....There's no place like home!

  5. It is always so nice to get home. I'm so glad you enjoyed your time with family boy it sounds like you packed a lot into your weekend. Enjoy the rest of your week. Patty

  6. Oh, I'm with you...there's no place like home!! I looked at your last post and your MIL has a beautiful place to stay!


  7. Hi Kimberly, I agree about being at home. There's just no place better.... Since I was in the hospital twice recently, that made coming home that much sweeter...

    Your grands are gorgeous!!!!

    Will your MIL live with you all ---or have her own place? Glad you got her moved.

  8. I love home to but I would travel to see those little cutie pies......enjoy!

  9. Welcome home!

    Your grandchildren are all so sweet, Kimberely.

    I know the people who have been without power since October 31 in CT. are very happy to have your son there to help them!

  10. Your grandchildren are adorable!!! Even though I like to travel and explore, I'm a homebody too, and am always so happy to return to my own house.

  11. I am always happy to be home...
    Those grandchildren of yours are little cuties!

  12. Your g'children are so adorable! I like to take a few day trips and occasionally a longer one, but I'm basically a homebody and love to be in my own home! I hope your son gets back home soon. My hubby can relate to those long hours!
    Enjoy your week!

  13. Those kids couldn't be any cuter!!! Wow, the gene pools that created them should go forth to populate the earth! Really!

  14. Hi Kimberly,

    What a busy weekend you had! Your grands are so cute...
    Well it is probably a very good thing you got home before the snow starts to fly!
    Have a great week!
    All the Best,

  15. Welcome home, Kimberly. You have some adorable grandchildren there. It sounds like a fun time for all of you. I know just how you feel about being home again.
    No doubt your son will be very happy when he can come home once again. I'm sure the people in CT are very glad to have him there to warm up their homes.

  16. I am the exact same way. Home is my very favorite place to be! :o)
    You have a beautiful family. :o)

  17. Looks like you had a good trip! Cute little ones!

  18. What beautiful grands! Each and every one. And there's nothing so much fun as having breakfast out with them.

    Please tell your son "thank you." I can't imagine the hours of work in restoring power. It means that our little project was set back so that others in neighboring states could have the help they so very much need. I can't imagine being without power for sooooo long!

    I'm a homebody, too, so I get it completely and to have that sweet home welcoming me would make me grin all day long. Hope that your mother-in-law feels right at home in no time as well in her new digs.

  19. Oh can I every relate...there is no place like home, and my favorite place to be for sure. But nothing can draw me out quite like those grand kids can...Yours are adorable btw! Glad you got this time!

    Have a good day!

  20. Oh I am the same way. I enjoy myself when we travel but I prefer home over any place. That MIL camp is darling in all the red and white. So cute.

  21. So nice to see your family. It looks like a very nice weekend, I love how pretty your house looks sitting there with the lake in the background.
    Welcome home.

  22. Welcome home, Kimberly, and I so agree with you, there's no place like home! The little ones are adorable!

  23. I'm a little late to welcome you back home.
    I took my time looking at the pictures of your grandchildren.Each picture says so much. They are very cute.
    It must of been hard to leave them but what a wonderful, cozy home to come home to.

  24. It's always good to get home from away isn't it? Your little grandchildren are adorable. I can't believe there are still people without power in the northeast US. That is very shocking! Have a great week! Blessings, Pamela

  25. what a bunch of cuties! and your home is lovely! i hope the transition for your MIL goes well. cheers~

  26. I am glad you have fun..and I know how nice it is to get home and crawl into your own bed for a good night's sleep. Those kids are just adorable!!!! xo Diana

  27. Oh my goodness! Those kids are so adorable! :D Great pictures! I'm a homebody too. Always seems like the best place to be to me.

  28. Hi Kimberly,
    Those darling faces would make anyone want to drive for miles just to see them! glad you got to spend a day with them. All of my grandchildren are close. I can imagine how hard it would to have them living away. I love traveling, but boy do I love to get home to my home and gardens. Love your home, especially the red door. Can't wait to see you in your apron!

  29. Hi kimberly, it.s always nice getting back home from a trip. First I'm thankful for arriving safe and sound and then to be home. Your grandkids are just adorable. Love that little ballerina. JB

  30. It's always nice to get back home! We were in Kenora, Ont. over the weekend, only away from my bed for one night, but Oh my, how glad I was to get to it.
    Sounds like you had a good time.
    Hugs, Cindy

  31. How precious! All those little darling look so happy...
    I am with you...I love to be home and I think I am getting to be more of a homebody each day...
    Glad you are home...

  32. Oh how precious....what a joy!! I am a homebody also...but when we final have grandchildren that may just have to change if they live else where.

  33. I so understand! About the love of home, the grandbabies I can only imagine... sigh.

    Thanks for praying with me. It was GOOD!

    Blessings, Debbie

  34. Those little grands are cute as can be! I'm sure you enjoy being with them. Thanks for leaving the message for me while I was not able to use my computer. That was sweet of you.---------Shannon

  35. Look at those angel faces! Looks likes a super fun time!!!


  36. I imagine you are glad to be back home and ready for a little snow! I know you had a great time with those little cuties. I know your son will be so happy when they can the power working for those folks in the northeast so he can get home too.

  37. How precious! Your home looks so inviting! Looks like a beautiful location too! Your grandkids are precious!
    I can't find a follow by e-mail button on your page? I've missed a lot of your postings! Look for it in "add a gadget" just select it and it will be on your page.....


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