Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mother In-Law Camp Reveal

    OK, for the most part, the MIL camp is ready to move in to. We are taking off tomorrow to drive
     down to southern Michigan to pack up my MIL and get her settled into her little home. Of
     course I could not leave the shelves empty for a photo op, so I had to grab some of my knick
     knacks to display.

                       I'm showing you this because my MIL made it.   Isn't it cute?
This is the view looking into the washroom. I stuck an old tablecloth under the sink, but my
MIL has already made a flowery curtain for here. She also has a cute teacup valance. I know
she'll have this looking like a cottage in no time! Oh, did I tell you she collects teacups?
The washroom. I didn't bother showing the composting stool. I'm sure you've probably seen
one before.
This is her bedroom. I didn't realize I still had junk on the floor!
The large picture window looking out. And the coat rack my husband made. Isn't it looking
so bare outside? The yard is just crying for snow to make it pretty again.
This last shot is what will be the bunkie room. It's located right off of the living room/kitchen.
It is 7x11. When we get the outside front finished, you will be seeing the door into this room
and it's sweet windows. The doors were supposed to take 3 weeks. We are on week 8 or 9. I've
lost count really!
Did you know that today is National Housekeepers Day? I sure didn't. It seems my dish washing
question was timely. So, I ask if you did the supper dishes before going to bed. Most ladies were
like me-they did their dishes after supper, but if they had a snack bowl or two just let them until
morning. Seventeen ladies in all. There were two that didn't bother with the dishes at night.
One was too tired and just stacked them neatly in the sink and did them in the morning when
she had more energy. And the other lady was a young mother and wanted to spend all of her
evening time with her children. You sure can't argue that!
I hope you all have a good weekend. I'll talk to you again on Monday!


  1. It's beautiful! She's going to love it!!

  2. What a cozy place! I think she's going to love it to pieces!

    How fun to find out the results from your last question. Seems like quite a few gals like waking up to a sparkly kitchen :)

  3. That is the cutest place! I'm sure it will be cozy when she gets everything in there. Maybe you can show her teacup collection, sometime.-----Shannon

  4. It's really lovely!!! I think she will be very happy living in her sweet little cottage filled with pretty teacups!

  5. She is going to be so happy in that sweet cabin. Won't she have fun putting all her own finishing touches on it! xo

  6. Kim, The cottage turned out so cute. Can't wait to see how MIL decorates the space. The fridge and stove are such a cute mini version. What are the floors, hard wood or laminate?

  7. Kim, It's just darling! I bet she'll be right at home there!
    Nice job!!!
    We have a little stove like that in our cottage! It's just right!

  8. Kimberly, It is just so stinking cute. .I love it!! Oh she is a lucky mil. We were just talking again about our mom and wondering what to do. I feel so drawn to make her a small space here too.

  9. Oh, how charming!! Love your 'staging' near the stove. Everything looks cozy and ready to be filled with love and memories. She is going to be so pleased.
    To answer your question on my blog about the cards I make....yes, I send them out to family & friends. I make the cards ahead of time and keep them until an event comes along :)
    Have a nice weekend~

  10. These sinks also reach you a different look. The faucet holes are in the countertop, and not kitchen sink black the sink itself

  11. I'm sure she is going to have the place looking just like home in no time! It is very cute...

  12. Wow! You did a wonderful job. I love all the vintage reds in the kitchen. Makes you want to put the kettle on!

  13. Oh.How.Precious! :o) What a darling cottage!! :o) I want to move in!

  14. I'd love to see pictures after your MIL gets all of her stuff in there..I know it will be precious and warm...
    thanks for the tour..

  15. You and your hubby have done a wonderful job making this sweet cottage for your mil. It looks so cute and I'm sure she'll love settling right in with her tea cups. I love the cute vintage things you added in the stove area! I hope you have a safe trip and beautiful weekend. Blessings, Pamela

  16. I wish I was your MIL! What a lucky lady to have such a caring daughter in law.

  17. Oh I love it...what a wonderful, wonderful little place you have created for her. I know she will feel snug, secure, homey and loved here. It's the PERFECT MIL camp!

    Have a good day getting her settled in!


  18. It looks so cute. Your husband did a wonderful job. I would have no trouble just moving in. I bet you are excited.
    Have a nice drive today.

  19. Mother-In-Law will be soooooo pleased.
    Really cute touches, very homey.

    I love that you are close to her.

  20. What a sweet MIL cottage. I could easily move in and be one happy camper! I'm sure she will have it all decorated in no time. I agree with several, post pictures and especially her teacups. Have a safe travel and we will be waiting for your return.

  21. Wow! That is the cutest little cottage! You and hubby did a terrific job and your MIL will be so pleased. Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. This is the coziest little house...your MIL should be very happy. I have seen those vintage tea towels with the day of the week at my antique mall. How wonderful that she has those. Have a great weekend!

  23. It is beautiful. Great job! I had to laugh at myself when I read your sentence about "driving DOWN to Michigan". From where I am, we have to go "up" to get ANYwhere. Just made me realize how very far away we are from each other but thanks to the internet, it seems neighborly.

  24. Oh, it looks so pretty and so cozy! I bet she will love it. :-)

  25. What an adorable cottage you and your husband have so lovingly created for your MIL. I'm sure she will be very happy there.

  26. The MIL camp is delightful! I love what you have done, it is such a sweet little cottage and how kind of you to do this for your MIL.
    I missed your post on the dishes. I wash my dishes every evening and usually wash anything dirtied on bedtime snacks. Unless I am too weary, then they are left.
    I enjoy these posts of yours.
    Happy Housekeepers day to you!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  27. If she snubs it, I'll take it. Adorable. You did a great job getting it ready. The dish thing just depends on how late in the evening it is. Most usually dishes are done.

  28. I love this little house. I'm sure that your mother in law will love it and add her own little personal touch to it as tie goes by. You did a great job . I hope that you had a great Housekeeping day . JB

  29. Well done! What a sweet and cozy spot in a most beautiful location. I'm sure she's looking forward to setting up and settling in!

  30. Wow! How charming and welcoming! Your MIL will love it! I love it!

  31. This is just wonderful...I am applauding, and what a sense of honor!!!

    I spent the weekend fixing some things at my mother-in-laws house...she still lives on her own at age 96, but things needed fixed.

    Blessings to you all...what a precious gift you have given her

  32. I wish I were your MIL! I love everything about it! I know she does too!

  33. What a darling cottagee! I could move right in. Do you think she would mind a roomate? lol! I love beadboard. I had alot of it in my Highland home. Sure do want to add some here. Best of luck and lots of happiness to you all!


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