Tuesday, 1 November 2011


         Most of the fall leaves have blown to the ground here. But we still have the golden beauty
of one of my favorite coniferous, the Tamarack.

This Tamarack is in the process of turning from green to golden. I love the way it looks
so feathery and wispy. Now I'm going to change the subject real fast on you.
I like a lot of the elements of this bedroom; the wood, the RED pillow, and the blanket.
The real reason I am showing you this bedroom is because a week or two ago, another
blogger ask her followers whether they made their bed most mornings or not. Well, I
didn't know there was an option for making your bed or not. At least, my mother never
let me in on that little secret. I was really surprised by how many ladies did not worry
about whether the bed was made each morning.
                                 I'm not implying that someone who makes their bed is any better than someone who doesn't. I'm just saying it was a revelation to me how many people didn't.
So now, of course, it has me wondering if I'm a little out of sinc. Tell me-do you make
your bed most mornings?  There's no judgements here, I've  just got a bet with myself
on this, and want to see if I'm right! Please play along with me on this. We will see who
wins out on this; what I call the 'traditionalist' or the 'free spirits'.
I'll let you know what the results are my next post!


  1. Your trees are beautiful! Have you had snow yet?

    Now, as to the bed, I don't get it made each morning, but I can't stand to get in an unmade bed so some days we make the bed before we climb in. Nuts, hunh? Oh well, sometimes it's the little things that bring comfort. Fun post and those rooms look so cozy I might never climb out of bed so I wouldn't have to worry about making it.

  2. Oh I am VERY interested how this comes out too, haha..

    As for me I make it every day...in fact I usually roll out of the bed and the very first thing I do on the day is make it. My mother never presented it as an option either, haha. But I think I make it for a few reasons....1. I HATE to get into an unmade bed...2. I HATE looking at a unmade bed...it imply's someone is sick...3. the whole room seems to be a mess if the bed is unmade...4. I am somewhat of a fanatic...or I have definitely been called one, haha...HOWEVER, I would LOVE to be more carefree about it...truly I would. And I could care less if someone else's bed is not made (unless it was one of my kids, haha, jk, I just shut the door and didn't look at it). I wonder how many women won't go to bed if the dishes aren't done...another interesting question. I will be back to see the answers you get, lol.

  3. I adore your little bed in the wall!

    Nope, never make my bed in the morning. Shame on me!

  4. I like a made bed, but I don't make it everyday. When I don't have to rush off to work, I make up the bed. It does make the room look better!!

  5. I'm taking the fifth on this question! I am someone who needs order around me to function to the best of my ability.
    I think whether you make your bed or not is just a prefence not a law. So whatever makes you happy, don't worry.------ Shannon

  6. Kimberly, I swing both ways. If I am home all day, yes the bed is made, but if I am going out for the day and in a rush then no, I leave the bed unmade, however I do straighten the sheets and cover before we got to bed at night. I guess overall yes, I do make the bed, but don't sweat it if I do skip a dayn now and then. Can't wait to see results. Have a great day.

  7. Don't you just want to climb into those beds and snuggle underneath? :o)
    I don't make my bed. Like you, I always had, but now I just pull it all up, fluff the pillows and go on my merry way. :o) It is quite liberating, I can assure you.
    If we are having guests over, I will make it. :o)

  8. I love this post....Seeing an unmade bed drives me crazy. Rarely, and I say rarely do I ever leave the bed unmade.
    As a matter of fact, I always make the bed when we are staying in a hotel. To walk out of a hotel room with that bed unmade in just not something I can do..
    So...I am a bed maker...My mother was as well and I guess these habits were passed down to me...
    Hugs today

  9. Yes we are daily bed makers. Hubby does it during the week and I do it on the weekends. He even puts the decorative pillows where they go. Am I lucky or what?

  10. Can't wait to see the results....I make our bed most everyday.

  11. Love the bed nook.....ready for a good book and a nap!

  12. Well I don't always because the rule around here is that the last person out of the bed makes the bed. Oh what a scrumptious built-in-bed that last photo is...I love it!

  13. There are only a few areas that are neat and tidy in my life and the bed is one. My day isn't right until the bed is made...everything else might be a mess but if the bed is made then there is still hope for the day. - Love this question! xo

  14. Love the trees.

    Oh bed making...I am laughing because I too have been wondering about how many make their beds. If I don't make my bed my whole day seems sloppy and lazy. I guess because my mom had us make our beds everyday. I don't ever remember her bed not being made.

    I do not make my bed on Sunday...that is to remind me it is a day of rest.

  15. Nope, I don't make my bed. I straighten it before I go to bed but just usually don't have time in the mornings. I sleep just as long as possible before getting ready for work. So I guess I am a "free spirit". never thought of myself as that though, just lazy.

  16. Hi Kimberly,

    Love those bedroom pictures and the beautiful trees they are always the last to turn a real sign that winter is on its way!
    I don't make my bed right away, but it does get made before the end of the day!
    They actually say that it is better for your bed to air out a while before it is made...anyways that is how that goes!!

    All the Best,

  17. If I'm expecting guests...I make it!
    Otherwise I do half make it...straighten all the sheets and blankets and then fold them all back half way...open my windows above the bed and let the fresh air get to them.


  18. Wow, that is so funny, about making beds. My bed is always made. Even if I am sick, I will get up make my bed and climb back in. I make it as soon as I get up in the morning. Now I might climb back in if it is cold and rainy but I still make it. I always feel like my house is a wreck if it isn't made, just like dishes. I can't stand having dishes in the sink.
    My kids all make their bed as soon as the get up.

  19. I think the Tamarac in your picture is different than the Tamaracs that grow around here. Ours grow along the river banks, and are low and dense.

    As far as making my bed goes; yes.. we are bed makers.
    For lots of reasons... one reason is that our home is small, and anything not cleaned up always looks like a lot bigger mess. Also, I too like a degree of order, or I get really, really, cranky!

    Have a beautiful day!

  20. Hello my friend,
    We have Tamaracks in my neck of the woods, only I did not know that was their name until I saw this post! Thanks so much for that info. I love them, too!
    I LOVE the images you have today and what an interesting subject. I'm afraid I am a traditionalist, I make my bed every day but Sunday. I leave it unmade then, some of the time, when I just run out of time.
    Have a beautiful day,
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. Traditionalist all the way! It's the second thing I do (after my bathroom rituals) every day! I can't stand an unmade bed. The tamaracks are at the same stage here too and the last of the golden orange of autumn. Blessings, Pamela

  22. Wow! Great pictures!

    Now for bed-making...
    I don't make our bed because my husband is in it. He works nights and comes home and heads to bed, right after I have climbed out of it.
    But I do make my the bed before I climb in! I have to have a properly made bed before I crawl in. I have tried to instruct hubby how to make the bed, but it's not the same.

  23. Those trees are beautiful--such a lovely color. As for the bed thing--sometimes I make it, sometimes my husband makes it, and sometimes neither one of us gets it done. haha! I guess I'm kind of half traditionalist and half free-spirit. :D

  24. I make my bed the minute my feet hit the floor. I grew up in a home with unmade beds and remember going to visit my aunt-her beds were always made...and I thought that when I grew up my beds would always be made...and they are...and so are my kids now that they have homes of their own. It just makes me feel satisfied to walk in the room and see a nice neat bed during the day.

    That same Auntie said...that as soon as you get up- brush your teeth, comb your hair and slap on some lips (lipstick) and then if you don't get another thing done during the day you will feel good about yourself. I have always done that too!;>) xo Diana

  25. I love your question. I make my bed as soon as my feet hits the floor as I can't stand an unmade bed. On rare occasion when I oversleep, then my bed stays unmade until I go in my bedroom and see my messy bed, it's stronger than me, I have to make my bed tidy. It only takes a minute. JB

  26. Hi Kimberly!
    Fun topic! yes, I make my bed most every morning. Always have...I recently read aquote that said that people who make their beds each day are more sucessful. I don't know about that but I did tel our teenaged son to see if it would get him to make his! LOL!So you can probably guess the supper dishes get done too... but like you we always seem to have a few ice cream bowls in the sink by morning!

  27. I don't know if I've ever seen a Tamarack. I've heard of one and didn't know what it was. :)

    I just came over from your 'tally' post...(I must have missed this one)
    to put in my vote.

    Yes. I make my bed every morning. But in a freespirited way-Ha! I just pull the covers up and use pillow shams. No tucking and all that... so with the sheets and extra blankets in the cold months it looks "layered".


  28. Kimberly- I am hoping that you see this comment on this very old post. I have been hunting down the source of the picture you posted since I found it on Pinterest! I adore this bedding so much (the one where you mentioned the red pillow) I would really appreciate if you could direct me to where you found it or if you know any of the design sources. Thank you in advance!


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