Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Results Are In

  For all of you who where kind enough to humor me today-the results are in!
It was 'traditionalist' hands down.  15 make their beds. 5 don't. And four
are on the borderline. In other words, it sound as if they would make their
bed if they didn't have to hurry to work or have a hubby that has to sleep in
it in the daytime, etc.

My blogging friend Kim at My Field of Dreams  brought up the subject of keeping ones dishes washed. So naturally I thought this might be another fun topic of discussion. After this , I
promise no more housekeeping questions! So do you have to have the supper dishes washed
before you go to bed? Now I know there are exceptions, but do you most of the time, do your
supper dishes before turning in? We almost always do the supper dishes here, but have a dirty
dish or two left in the sink until morning from snacks.
I will let you know the results tomorrow night when I finally post photos from the MIL camp.
It won't have furnishings, etc. But you can imagine all kinds of possibilities of how it could
look! I am so proud of the job my husband has done. He isn't a carpenter, but  he has learned
a lot by trial and error and made a nice little home for his mother. I know she'll love it.
Until then-Kimberly


  1. I find it interesting that Kim's head went to dinner dishes too....kindred spirits I am thinking, haha

    Anyway, the answer to this one for me is kind of long, but I will try and cut it back (I have been too long winded tonight,lol)

    Growing up in a house with 6 kids made dinner dishes a complete nightmare for whoever's "night" it was. My mom was very fanatical and going to bed without the kitchen spotless and the dishwasher running was just completely out of the question. Oh, how I HATED the dishes...It took a good 45 minutes to clean it all. I think my mom used every pan she could. Well, when I had my family of 4 kids dinner dishes were again a nightmare. I made my kids do them (I took a night too, haha) and I was as fanatical as mom ever was. HOWEVER, now that it is FINALLY just me and hubby, I have become quite lax about this chore. I very often just stack the dishes up in the sink and turn off the light. I do the dishes in the morning with the breakfast ones and run my dishwasher then. At first it drove me WILD....I could hardly relax....but now? I would never go back to the other way. I am tired at night, haha, and in the morning I generally have lots of energy. Maybe if there were still a bunch of us the mess would be too overwhelming. Oh, and sometimes I wake up to find my hubby has done them all....I feel wonderfully spoiled sometimes

    Told you it was a long answer!

  2. Yes. The only exception is if I am not feeling well, which happens, in which case, hubby does them...usually.

  3. How do you decide if someone is a traditionalist or not?

    I try to always have the dishes done. The times they don't get done are when I go running straight after dinner and my husband is in charge of clean up. Sigh.

  4. I missed out on the "Do you make your bed?" question... I was making my bed! I'll chime in here on the dishes, I do keep up with them for the most part. Since we can't seem to make it the 4 hours after supper without a snack, there's almost always a popcorn bowl in the sink waiting for morning dishes!

  5. Okay on this one I do not stradle the fence. YES, I do the dishes eveery night. I have a dishwasher but for the mister and I it takes too long to get a full load so I wash dishes by hand most of the time. There are usually 2 coffee mugs in the sink or counter from our night coffee, but supper dishes are done and put away. I have a thing for dishes staying in the drain also.
    Have a great day

  6. Yep, gotta do those dishes. It's a real bummer to look at dirty dishes when getting my morning coffee!

  7. My hubby grew up in a house where the kids did the dishes but I just love to do them and I hate to see them in the morning also...I love to start my day with a clean kitchen and a pretty tablecloth on the table!

  8. I went back to the other post and made my Late vote on the bed issue; YES! I make it everyday.

    As for the dishes. Debbie pretty much summed it up for me. (Only I didn't grow up with 6 kids and a fanatical mom)

    My mom DID NOT keep house. Period.
    Occasionally we'd wake up to a clean kitchen; I mean top to bottom. But most days it was filthy. The lady next door -- kept an immaculate home. I wanted that!

    Only that is lots of work when raising 4 when I married and started out with nothing- It was clean. The kids came along and learned to wash the dishes and make the beds. Now it is just Honey and I...
    I'd love to wake up to an empty sink ...but {sigh} I don't.
    I do dishes in the morning NOW!
    Usually right after I make my bed and while I'm having coffee...


  9. I have to do the dishes before bed because of being so bad about it in the past (really bad about it)! I forced myself into the new good habit and now I am so afraid that if I let it go once, it will be back to the wicked old ways..ugh. - I don't worry about snack dishes once the dishwasher is started. xo

  10. Yes... again.

    I have to get those dishes done up, and be able to wake up to a clean kitchen.

    There's something simply satisfactory about starting a new day with a clean kitchen :)

  11. The supper dishes are washed before I leave the kitchen. As soon as the last plate is empty, the dishes get washed. It's a sickness :)

  12. Great topics...I missed the making beds, but I will add my two cents worth. It is the FIRST thing I do after I jump out of bed, all three beds are made first thing. I have never left a dishes in the sink over night. In fact, they would be harder to clean up if you ask me, dried food and such. I love to clean and keep house, so this is just something I enjoy. I understand others not liking it at all though.

  13. Wow I like all of your comments. Okay, here is my book. :) When I was small, my first mother was a total clean, completely organized housewife. Our house was spotless and dinner was on the table at 5:00 and there were no dishes in the sink ever, she did not have a dishwasher.
    Then she died and my Dad remarried.
    Mom number 2 suddenly had 6 kids, a huge house, she had always been a working woman so the house was always a mess and dinner never on time and dishes always in the sink.
    Dad found a wonderful housekeeper.
    Peace returned.
    I started doing the dishes. She used every single dish in the house when she did cook. Not to mention burned everything.
    She expected it to be clean and until it met her standards I cleaned the kitchen over and over until I got it right.
    I learned how to clean a kitchen.
    I still like doing dishes and having a clean kitchen. My dishes are always done right after dinner.
    Just like I do them right after my husband leaves for work in the morning and after each kid leaves for school.
    But I have ant problem so I have too.
    If dishes are left in the sink they return.
    So yeah, long story. I just like the day to start with a clean house.
    Oh, I clean up the house before I go to bed at night.
    I am beginning to see I have a pattern here. :)

  14. Since the evening is all about family time I leave dishes to the morning. Then I do dishes after lunch as well. However, not in the evenings. We reserve all of our time for reading with our son, playing games and talking. No chores at night!

  15. I must have missed the last post! I always make up the bed, can't stand to see unmade beds! But I might have a few dirty dishes in the sink in the morning. Usually from a snack, hubby likes a bowl of cereal at night! I used to have the kitchen spotless, as in no dirty dishes, but the older I get the less a few dirty dishes bothers me. And I can always hide them in the dishwasher until I get a full load. Now unmade beds are another story. I like some neatness to my house! :D

  16. I'm like you. I wash the dishes after supper, but we sometimes have one or two added to the sink later in the evening from a late snack.

  17. There is something about standing back and admiring a clean kitchen, as you head off to bed!

  18. Hum, depends, usually they are all in the dishwasher after dinner, but snack dishes could still be in the sink until morning


  19. Okay since it is National Housewife day...I will confess.

    First I like that I am in the norm on making my bed.

    Dishes...there is probably always some dirty dishes in the sink due to the hours my hubby works. If he comes in and eats after 9, which is normal...well I am toooooooooo tired to worry about it, by then my five year old has gotten the best I have to offer and I am off to bed.

    My dream is to never wake up to a dirty kitchen...but that is in a perfect world were we all eat at 6 and clean up after.

  20. Since blogger has not been sending me your posts, I just had a major catchup!
    I don't really make my bed...just throw the down comforter back. I am not the last out of bed, Dash (the dog) sleeps in. So not really my job...right?

    As for dishes, I do them before bed 98% of the time.

    Sorry I have missed your posts...not sure what is going on but you are not the only one.

  21. I missed the bed-making survey (I make mine most mornings, 6 out of 7.) As to dinner dishes, they absolutely are all washed or in dishwasher before bed. I find it depressing to wake up to a sink with leftover dishes. Habit, I guess, I grew up that way. When I make my morning tea it is nice to have all clean stuff to start with. But it usually does pile up during the day and then all gets done after dinner, so breakfast and lunch dishes do sit around for a while.

  22. Yes, the dishes are most often done before bed unless I'm extremely tired or have to be out for the evening. I am a homemaker so doing them the next day is not a problem but I really don't like coming into the kitchen in the morning and seeing stacks of dishes and cutlery waiting. I even have a dishwasher now but hardly use it! Am I crazy or what?? I could at least hide them in it couldn't I? I just keep forgetting I have one after 34 years! I'm looking forward to the MIL cottage reveal tomorrow. Pamela

  23. I do them before going to bed because it's such a downer to see them when I get up. That is unless I'm really tired, and then I hope that my husband or daughter will do it. Or of course there's always the hope that the dishwasher fairy will come in the middle of the night and unload and reload it for me!

  24. Hi Kimberly,

    With just the two of us in the house it is pretty easy to keep up with the yes they are always done. And when I'am baking I always fill the sink with hot soapy water and wash as I go. It is so much easier that way!!
    All the Best,

  25. Hi Kimberly, I am one of those, "Can't sleep if the house is dirty" kind of people. I have to make a sweep and make sure everything is picked up. Once in a great whil I will leave a pan to be hand washed in the morning. It's been rinsed so well one might think it's clean. lol! I missed your bed post. Years ago I worked at the State Prison. I always thought that I would get ready then make my bed. NADA, never had enough time. Then I started making my bed as soon as I got out of it. Always managed to be ready in time. Funny thing! Now I still make my bed first thing. Creature of habit am I!


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