Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Beating Myself Up!

 I wasn't going to share this with anyone but now that I'm really, truly done beating myself up over what   happened, I will.
 Four nights ago, while my husband was frying salmon, I noticed a bear hanging around the yard. So I grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures. Then my husband reminds me that the camera will also video-tape. So I excitedly switch over to video.

 By this time the bear is on the deck. He is  standing up to our front window!
This fellow is mere inches from me. We are face to face! I could even  have kissed him through the window pane had I not had the camera in front of me. From there he tries to get in by the sliding glass door, which(thank goodness) I had closed when I first saw him in the yard. Now remember I am getting this all on video tape.

He gives up on entering the house but still hangs around the yard for a while. And then he finally realises he isn't getting in and skedaddles off.
My husband and I are euphoric! We've gotten a lot of pictures of bears in the yard, but never has a bear stayed so long or ever come up on our deck.

 Now it is time to review the video. And this is were the beating myself up begins! Oh yes, you guessed it-the camera wasn't even video taping at all!  And whose fault was that?  Mine, of course. I had forgotten that I had to hold the silver button on the top of the camera down for it to record.
I can just say that I am glad that I didn't have a cast iron skillet handy on that day. Because I'm sure I would've been very tempted to hit myself over the head just to put myself out of my misery. I know it sounds trivial, but to me it was BIG!
To make a long story short. I'm over it. I'm sure you can tell that. And I have now practiced and have become quite proficient at holding that shiny, little silver button down that's on the top of my camera to record!
Now, tell me, have you ever done anything that you just wanted to shoot yourself for? Just a matter of speech here ladies. Please share-I'm all ears!


  1. Wow, how exciting to see a bear in your own back yard! Great photos even though you didn't get the video. At least you had your camera in hand.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Hmm... go visit my blog and you can read what I did this week...
    That bear really did get close, I wouldn't want to get in his way;o)

  3. Those pictures are amazing, so I can only imagine what a video would have been like! I'm not well versed on any of the features of our Canon camera and should be after 2 years. All those settings are wasted on me, I point and shoot on automatic!

  4. I think the shots that you did get are pretty amazing in themselves!! I am always doing things like you did so you can't claim the corner on that market! Like on the 4th at the parade...we got that great spot on the steps of the Post Office and I got my camera ready, wanting to get a shot of the very beginning which is the Police car and the fighter jet doing a low fly-over, only problem when I went to take the first shot..nothing, oh no, not a dead battery! No, how about turning the camera on!!! xo

  5. Great photos! That bear is a little too close for comfort to me! I have video on my camera but haven't learned to use it. I forgot to zoom out the other night when I set mine on the tripod for July 4th fireworks.

  6. Wow, that is a bit too close of a bear encounter. He must have smelled the fish cooking on the stove! Please be very careful. Did you hear about the woman in either BC or AB? You may need that cast iron frying pan and a metal spoon to scare Mr. Bear away everytime you go outdoors! Or better yet, a gun. I think I'm going to make taco salad tonight! One of my summertime favorites. :) Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Purple vetch is pretty but also invasive. Blessings, Pamela

  7. Oh my goodness! I don't think I'd want to be that close to a bear! Great pictures. Good thing you had closed the sliding glass door.

  8. Oh my! I can see why you were a little upset with yourself, but don't be. You've captured some very good shots. I'd have been in the closet hiding somewhere. Really. I do not like bears near my house. At all. No.

    Thank you for tagging along in my corner. I believe that I'm already tagging along here. Not everyone I know has bears for guests.

    Kick myself? I try not to...hurts too much.

  9. Surprise, surprise, I wasn't following, but I've remedied that now.

  10. You still got some great pictures! We had a bear in our yard a couple of years ago - they are pretty curious, aren't they!

  11. wow...i have never even seen a bear in person....

    happy to stop by today

    kary and teddy

  12. Super cool - indeed - you don't know how many tmes I've gone to Yellowstone to get a picture of a black or brown bear - nona - nothing -- zip and here you have bears in your yard and right up close.. Sad about the video issues -- How about this - we take a trip to the east states like uper NY,OH,WV etc.. well I looked at my camera to see how much space was left on the card and it showed me it had still room and I pushed the button that said 'OK' - that 'OK' clear= deleted 350 photos
    I was sick at heart nearly the rest of our trip -- sad!

  13. That bear is HUGE!!
    No need for the video, it scary enough jus the still pictures.

    I think we all have been in your shoes. No need to "beat yourself up". You do a great job of blogging.

  14. Holy Smokes!! That would scare me to death, to have a bear so close.
    Bless your heart. You bet I do things that I could just kick myself over (figuratively speaking). I was bleaching my bird bath this morning, ever so closely, in a new pair of capris ... I now have tiny little bleach dots all over them. I thought I would cry. What was I thinking??? I guess they will just be something I wear when I work in the yard. Boy does that stink. :o(
    See ... you are not alone! :o)
    Sincerely, Trish

  15. That bear is too close for comfort. I know, you live in their territory. I just don't think I could do it. I had a close encounter with a bear while camping in the Canadian Rockies as a young kid, and I'd really prefer to stay a little farther away from them.

  16. How wonderful to be surrounded by nature ... up close and personal!!! :-)


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