Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Nature Walk

  I've been shut up in the house far too much lately. It's time for you and me to get outside and take what I call a nature walk. Time to feel a little grass under our feet. Time to see what natures been up to.

     All weeds, I guess. But I still love them. Black-eyed susans, shasta daisies, and indian paint brushes.

    This is a sweet little birdhouse my dear dad built for me. He has built many for me and our children. He is
     ninety four now and he still did his garden this year. He still knits fishing nets for commercial fisherman. He
     even stays up many nights reading until midnight! He is a very special man and such a loving father. But
     that's another whole story for another day. Back to that walk.

                                     My old pop crates with geraniums and impatiens.

    This is an unusual rock in one of the flower beds. Do you think it could be part of a dinosaur's foot?

    I talked my DH into leaving this so I can watch it grow. It's on the backside of the house were we hardly
    ever venture. This is only 2 weeks growth, so I can't wait to see what it will look like in 2 months.
                                           This is just before a short rain storm today.

                                             The on coming storm at another angle.

     After the storm had passed this is the sunset we were blessed with. The colors are true, completely
     untouched. I used my sunset setting, but still got some glare from the brightness. I'm still learning!
                             And with the setting of the sun comes a restful nights sleep.
     Blessings friends,


  1. Gorgeous photos, Kimberly. I love how you used the old crates for your plants! And I love that your dad still goes out into his garden. Lovely post.

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the old crates too. And I love that your dad is still so active. Wonderful!

  3. Oh Kimberly, I loved taking the tour of your gardens. Could feel the cool grass under my feet. I love your plants and the birdhouse so cute. You are so blessed to have your Dad and at his age being so active. Loved the beautiful sunset. You are so blessed to be surrounded by God's beauty. Thanks for sharing. and have a reat day.

  4. I love when blog friends take us on walks with them. So very wonderful that your dad is still so active and that you have things that he has made with loving hands.

    Your photos are so nice and I especially like the sunset one and probably have something like that on my camera..hmm, maybe I should check it out. xo

  5. I love your daisy garden and the birdhouse your dad made for you!! Your sunset pictures are amazing!

  6. Love that birdhouse and your garden...thanks for taking us along:)

  7. You live in one of the most beautiful places in blog land.

  8. Good morning! What gorgeous pictres. I sooo enjoyed going on that walk with you. Have a wonderful day!

  9. Lovely surroundings you have there. I enjoyed the walk. Thank you for sharing the pictures. :)

  10. Beautiful images from your surroundings - especially that cool lake view!

  11. I loved your nature walk. I would almost bet is is a dinosaur print.
    You Dad sounds really sweet. You have such a beautiful view.
    I hope you have lots more days outside now.
    I will find the post about my house and send you the link. It is buried somewhere in there then you can know why I didn't want to move. :)
    Have a lovely day,

  12. Hi Kimberly, Love all of those pictures except that nest.. I would NOT want that in my yard!

    Your Dad must be a fascinating guy--to be so healthy and to still do so much.. My father-in-law was like that until about 2 yrs. ago when he lost his eyesight (macular degeneration)... He'll be 99 in August.... Amazing man also---who even got up on his roof and cleaned the leaves off in the Fall when he was 97... ha


  13. What a gorgeous view. Also, scrolling down loved seeing your vintage tablecloths on the line.

  14. What a fun nature walk. Love the old pop crates with flowers and the sunset! Beautiful.

  15. Oh how lovely I am glad you took me with you on your walk. do you think I used up any calories?

  16. thanks for the walk -- totally enjoyed seeing the beauty around you -- love those old crates - super idea in planting plants -- and I my heart melts at sunsets.. hugs

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    I think RED is the way you should go in your kitchen design and I have a couple of the old books you have. The one on children's etiquette I think. Your part of the world is so fascinating to me. I live in the HOT state of Alabama which is in the southern part of the US. Hope to hear from you
    Gmama Jane

  18. Loved walking thru your garden. Your dad sounds inspiring,

  19. i'm IN LOVE with your pop crates! So darling! love love love

  20. Wow, what gorgeous photos! What a pro! Love your old crates!

  21. Just beautiful! I had to smile at the wooden soda crates. My dad used to work for Canada Dry here in Maryland, back when the crates were wooden. Now they probably use some sort of plastic.


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