Friday, 1 July 2011


 I had a lovely, beautiful post planned for today celebrating Canada Day. Lovely picture of fireworks. Photos of Will and Kate arriving here yesterday for the beginning of their grand tour of Canada. And, last but not least, a shot of a darling Canada Day cake I was going to copy to bake today.
 But alas, I couldn't up-load any of the photos to my blog. So, after two hours of trying, I  concluded "it just wasn't meant to be".  I finally gave up and collapsed into bed at 2AM.
Now on a cheery note. I want to say a big , fat "thank you" to Sherri over at "Little House in Paradise" blog spot for letting her readers know that I even exist. It was sweet of her.  Please check out her blog, you'll become "hooked" as I have!
I am joining the "magazine copycat" party over at Debbiedoosbloggingandblabbing blog today. Tell me what you think! Here is the magazine photo. I love everything about this dining area! But I only copied the park sign on the wall.

It has been too long ago for me to remember what magazine I found this in and the scan doesn't begin to do it justice. But I think you can still appreciate it's loveliness.
Now for my version of the sign. I personalized it and put an old Canadian flag in place of  the emblem in the photos sign. Here it is.

Believe me, I'm no great painter. And a further photo would have looked  a whole lot better! But for the copycat I needed a close-up. So now ladies, where do I hang it? Inside or out? Let me know what you think!


  1. Very Nice! If you have an area outdoors that you eat at then I think it would be great there. On the other hand it is so cute that I could be in the kitchen.

    Happy Canada Day!

  2. Hi Kimberly! I found you via Little House in Paradise, and I'm glad I did - you have a lovely blog!

    Come by and visit me at Home in Douglas!

  3. Happy Canada Day, hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Happy Canada Day from the USA!!


  5. Happy Canada Day! I have so many friends with blogs in Canada, I have been wishing it all day. I say you hang it outside. I think you did a wonderful job!! You are a painter!


  6. You have a great creative talent.
    I thought your picture was the one from the picture!

    Have a great weekend.
    I'm singing,"Oh Canada"

  7. What a cool sign to celebrate life in the great outdoors.
    Happy Canada Day weekend to you, we had a little family BBQ, miles away from home currently but could not let the day go by.

  8. Oh I love it. Happy Canada day to you. Glad you joined the newbie party. Please link back to my blog.

  9. Inside - I like the idea of hanging where you eat your meals..


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