Monday, 25 July 2011

Kitchen love

  I have been planning for a long while to paint my cabinets. They are a light oak and seem to just blend in with the wood background. Besides that, I love color in my kitchen. At our last home we ripped everything out and started from scratch so I was able to fix it exactly as I wanted. Of course the reason we ripped it all out was because it had been a camp and was full of junkie leftover cabinets, mismatched floors, etc. But everything in this home is newer and in good shape, so paint it must be!
I have two color choices I'm torn between. I'd like to share them with you and have you tell me what you think.

I'm afraid this photo doesn't do justice to the original picture, but for some reason I couldn't get any of the magazine pages I scanned to upload to my post, so I took shots with my camera. I have so much to learn yet! But I hope it gives you an idea of the look I'm loving here.

           This is a little truer to the original colors of the magazine photo. The cabinet is a chalky slate blue.

This I especially love and red is my favorite color for decorating. But as I'm getting older I'm not as brave with color as I used to be. Or I now consider all the extra work it would be to re-paint it if I don't like it!!
Probably a bit of both.

                          This is the same kitchen as the last one, just a different view.

           This is a cabin called the "dog house" from an old country living magazine. Yes, red again!
           So, what do you think? The red or the blue?
You know I have been blogging for about 6 weeks now. And I still consider myself a newbie. I have learned a lot about navigating my way around mostly from other blogging friends that were willing to take their time to lead me step by step through the rough places. And I want to say a big, fat "thank you"!
 Now I've become brave enough to start investigating what some of the tabs on my "managing" page represent. I clicked on "stats" and was like a little kid, hollering at my husband about all the countries ladies were visiting me from . It tells me what are the peak times of day I'm being visited and the referring sites that people are visiting me from. It's amazing. Oh, I know I'll get used to it and won't be jumping over there 3 or 4 times a day to check out what from what country someone is visiting or how many page views I've had that day.
But now I have to admit to something silly. Before I checked the stats page I thought if someone became your follower you where automatically added to their blog list. I've discovered that this isn't the case!
I have almost 70 followers, but only 10 refering sites. So I wanted to be bold and ask those of you that do visit regularly and do enjoy my blog if you would mind taking the time to add my blog to your list. I really wrestled with whether to mention it or not and decided I would just throw it out there. They say if you don't ask, you don't get!  And please, if you are not already on my list let me know and I will add you.
We are off today to town for my MIL to pick out the bathroom vanity and cabinet for her "camp" It is coming along really well. But nothing to photograph yet. My DH had to do structural reinforcement to the beams, insulating, sub-flooring, and the wall placement. When he starts with the fun stuff I'll post his progress!
I hope you have a great Monday friends,


  1. I like the idea of red if you have plenty of natural light in the room. you could do the bottom one color and the top and other.

  2. Hi Kim, First: the red. Whenever there's a choice, I pick red.

    Second you are on my blog roll. When you follow someone's blog, you automatically go on a list that's visible from their profile page. But individual blog rolls (those on the front page of many blogs), are created by a blogger's favorites. You happen to be new, but one of my favorites.

  3. I am partial to red. We have a lot of red in our home, and I love the warm tones :-)

  4. I like the red, too. It is warm, but also adds the pop of color.

    You are indeed on my blog list. Actually I add all the blogs I follow to the list when I join them. I do it through the design tab. I remember being so thrilled to see my little blog icon on another blog. I think it's a great way for others to play bloggy leap frog and check out some great sites!

  5. A distressed red finish sound like a great choice. I know what you mean about all the wood. I also live in a log home and I painted my cabinets off white, I just could not stand another piece of stained wood. LOL I will put my kitchen on my blog soon and you get take a look at it:)

  6. I am partial to the red, I had a red kitchen for years (only recently painted over it (just wanted a change) and yes it took about three coats of kilz to get rid of it
    You are on my blog roll but I will definately add you to my favorites so your blog can be visable from my blog (part of the fun is finding others blog)

  7. I love the red...and you could calm it down a little by doing a stain glaze over the top...and if you have distressed the cabinets the stain shows in the distressing. I think the red would make for a happy kitchen....but who am I to kitchen is going to screaming bold, I figure, why not?
    Adding you to my side bar...I only up date my side bar every few months, and usually after I get to know the blogger

  8. Hi Kimberly, Just found your blog and am your newest follower. You will definitely show up on my blog list on my sidebar. Love your blog and as with all the other comments, I say red in a distressed finish. Finding the right color red could be tricky as there are so many out there. Good luck with whatever you choose. Would love you to visit my blog Thru Nanas Window and follow me back. Looking forward to visiting you often. Have a great day

  9. I can't believe I'm saying this because blue is my favorite color, but I like the way the red looks with the wood in the pictures you have shown. It looks especially cozy decorated for Christmas. I can just picture the snowflakes gently falling outside the windows.
    You seem to be doing a great job with your blog. I have added you to the blog roll on my sidebar.

  10. Hi Kimberly, I remember those magazine kitchens and loved them! It looks like red is a popular colour but you might break it up by using a cream on certain pieces such as an island if you have one, or perhaps an upper cabinet. It depends on how much daylight your kitchen gets. Have fun and I can't wait to see the 'new' look. Have a super day!

  11. When we purchased Lemon Lane Cottage three years ago the cabinets were already a gorgeous to me barn red. I have had a few people ask if we were going to paint them. I still love them and have since added some open shelving in white to kind of break up the red a bit. So obviously my vote is for red. I agree with you, if you don't ask. You are on my sidebar already. ;0 Have a wonderful week. Patty

  12. I love the idea of red cabinets, and last year painted a Welsh cupboard and one cabinet in my kitchen a deep red. Go for it!

  13. I like the red as it really goes with that interior but the blue is nice and more restful and easier to decorate with. So...I guess, if it were me (being my age and all, hahaha) I would put it this way, I really, really love the red but would probably choose the blue because I wouldn't want red to be the boss of me in all of the decorating choices.

    How fun for mom to have a shopping day for her new digs...have fun! xo

  14. I go for the red like everyone else.

  15. Hi Kimberly, I am following you and you are following me. I don't pay much attention to my followers' list. Some of them 'follow' me but never comment.. I like comments.. SO--I only follow those who make comments on my blog. SO--my list is different from the people who sign up to follow me. Understand?

    I have been blogging since 2006---so if you ever have questions, let me know. You have my email...

    I enjoy seeing reds in others' homes --but I'm too old for that now. I'm more of a plain jane! BUT--if you like the red, go with it.

  16. I'm with you, I LOVE the red cabinets... what about using a red stain and let some of the wood show through? 70 followers in 6 weeks, I'm saying you are doing something right. It took me forever to get that many! You have all of the elements of a great blog, beautiful photography, great stories and personal dialog. Watching those stats is a great way to see where traffic is coming from. When I first started blogging I said, "Oh, I don't care if anyone else reads it...I'm just blogging for me." 3 years later I want someone to read it if I take the time to write it!!! Kim, when you scan your pics, scan to your hard drive on the computer then post the pics to your blog just like you would with any other picture! Good job girl, love your blog!

  17. Wow so many nice ideas, I will just say, I like your kitchen just the way it is. :) Sorry, I think it is really nice. I have redone every kitchen in our house and we always move in less than a year. I am not redoing kitchens anymore. :)
    I added you to my sidebar right off the bat as I felt we were kindred spirits. I became a follower too for that reason. I don't have any reason why I add or don't add to the sidebar, I just do it when I remember.
    You have a lot of followers for 6 weeks! I hope you have a very nice day today.
    When we built this house, I lost some of my bravery where it comes to decorating. It took 10 years to finally hang pictures on the walls.

  18. I love how everyone is so supportive in you choice. Add me to the long list of bloggers cheering you on!

    So warm, so cozy, so charming. You go girl. Be sure to show before and after.

  19. Red, definitely! Our cabinets are red (I have a chile pepper theme), and our house used to be a miner's cabin. We have wood floors and the kitchen looks really warm.

  20. The kitchen pictures look really warm and cosy - so homely! Thanks for popping over to my blog and your lovely comment, it's so nice to discover yours. Have a great day.
    Helen x

  21. Hi there, Red is always a bold choice in my thinking but I do think it would look fabulous. Make sure you take plently of before and after shots.
    I just added you to my favorites but feel free to join my followers.

  22. looks like i am in the same boat as everyone else...RED. i love red too...all my chairs are red and my couch is red ticking...i love it !
    cozy ! we sure love the same things...i loved this post...

    i thought i was following you..i double checked and i am...and happy to do so...i love your blog..

    and i will try the red hots on the caramel apples :-)

    happy to stop by today


  23. Yes, I will do that. I have a standing offer for anyone (nearly...must have a certain level of likemindedness) to be on my blogroll at Vee's Friends and Favorite Blogs.

    I like the red. Like you, I am always worried about painting. It's not an easy chore for me and I also am not so cavalier as some who say, "It's only paint." No, no, it isn't. It represents a lot of time and effort and cost. So is it possible to just paint a wee bit somewhere to see if you'll like it?

  24. I say red. I had red cabinets in my first house and loved them. Distressing wasn't "in" then but if they had been distressed they would have been marvelous! Go for it...keep in mind that dark colors take more coats and much longer to dry. I painted a cabinet in my kitchen dark blue and it took twice as long to dry as the light ones. Good luck!

  25. just found your blog through..ain't a city gal, blog..going to read along for a while!..welcome to blogville and happy re-decorating!!

  26. I say go crazy, go red!!! But then again, it's a lot of work to repaint!? Maybe you do like I always do with all paint, do some sample paint then stand back and look for a week?


  27. Five years ago I would have chose the I think I would lean towards the slate blue....maybe I have done too much red!..I have never ever had luck painting cabinets. Just a hint for more followers...move your follower widget up to the top of your column....most people like it easy to find. Also, your word follower does not link to anything...for me anyway. I think the one that blogger uses works best..people like the familair. You will have no problem with blogging..yours is beautiful.

  28. Red is beautiful but I think I'd like it more as an accent color, as too much red can be overwhelming. If you painted the cabinets a light buttery yellow and then added red accents it would be bright and cheerful plus easy to change around in the future by using a different accent color.

    You are on my blogroll ..I use a "drop down" blogroll so only the most recent posts show but if you click "show all" all the bloggers I follow will show.

  29. I think your kitchen needs some red and your idea is just perfect, those cabinets will pop!! I love cabins but all that wood would get boring, I say go for it! lol

  30. I've seen some kitchens where just one part of the kitchen is painted red and the rest are another color. Julie Harward did that in her kitchen... she's on my blog list.

  31. I vote for red milk paint.

  32. I have a little tip for you. If you save your scans in the jpg format they should upload. I was trying to upload some pictures and I forgot to save them as jpgs and blogger wouldn't let me upload. Changed the format and no problem. Hope that helps.

  33. I am so enjoying your blog. You are on my list of blogs along with all the others I follow but I will add you to my blog page. I've been meaning to update the "favorites" on the blog page for some time.

    One other way to get your name out there is to make comments on others blogs and leave your web address. Yes, the person you leave a comment with probably already follows you, but others who are reading may decide to check you and and follow along too.


    Retired Knitter


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