Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Lakeside Clothesline

    Now I know there's going to be some "smarty pants" out there in blogland that's going to tell me that this
    is a gazebo, not a clothesline. Well then tell my husband that! When we  first bought this place this
    structure did have a roof and screened sides. Then the high winds of November blew in off the Gitche
    Gumee that year and the gazebo covering was put safely away in a box on the top of the garage rafters.
    I mentioned last summer that we might want to get it out, like normal folks would, and put it over the
    metal frame again. But MH thought he may have seen a few holes in it when he was taking it down
    last fall so we wouldn't want anything that tacky looking in our yard.
    Now, mind you, the only mammal on the face of the earth that even sees our gazebo is the occasional bear
    that passes through it on it's way through the woods. Or, in all honesty, any friends that we've invited for
    dinner. Well, to make a long story short-that was two years ago and I've developed the habit of hanging
    the shirts out there to dry. And  I don't mind telling you that it works pretty darn well.

   I did mention it was windy! Now  this is a warning for those of you who are sick and tired of my bear
   pictures. I shot a short video of a bear on the road a couple of  days ago. As many of you know we
   don't have any land lines so I use a cell phone. But the cell will only work on the beach or down the road.
   If it's windy or cold on the beach I hop in the car and drive down the road. Which is how I happened to
   get this video then of the bear.

    Please be patient. I didn't have a tripod so I got a little jiggly in places. Mr. Bear decided to go out of the
    view of the camera a few times too. And, just so you know, this was the 4th video and the best. I chased
    him down the road, waiting patiently for him to show himself on the neighboring lanes. And he did. But
    he didn't stay as visible on any of them very long. So I feel fortunate to have gotten the footage that I did
    And that is all she wrote today dear friends!


  1. Awesome clothes line... I say that's using your noodle..ehem, Gazebo!


  2. I bet those clothes smell like the wind off the lake and the pine trees. Lovely. Mine smell like the dryer sheets. Ugh.

  3. I love that they are on hangers and all shirts:)

  4. I have used our gazebo for clothes too, but I strung lines all around the edges and hung short things like undies and washcloths.

    Did I miss the spot for the video or are you going to show us later...I'll go back and look on the post to make sure. xo

  5. I'm not tired of anything you post! Be careful taking those pictures and don't get too close to those bears! Our house is in the country but I really don't have a place for any kind of closeline since it's on the side of a mountain. I use my deck railings for towels sometimes though!

  6. Well, I don't have a gazebo (and doubt I ever will) but it does serve a purpose there!

  7. I love the fresh smell of clothes dried outside. It looks to me like you've found a good use for your gazebo. :-)

  8. To spur your husband to re-outfit the gazebo you may want to mention that his shirts flapping around the thing may be considered by some (not me mind you) to be a bit tacky... Sometimes you just have to weight these things out. ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. LOL! I think your clothes line is genious! Hey, things made with wire and are sculptural are really HOT right now! Nothing beats the fresh smell of clothes that have come in from being dried outside. LOVE your blog, Kim! Thanks so much for visiting mine. I am your newest follower, too. My Duhgall and Fiona say HOWDY to yours! **I loved your story!**

    Have a sweet day,

  10. Did I hear you right? You chased the bear down the lane to get better footage? You are brave, lady! ~grin~

    Cute clothesline...very stylish. I'm going with the wooden folding contraption. We are waiting for the electrician to help us get our dryer compatible with the new outlet! It's been an adventure!


  11. Is there a video to watch? I've hovered over every possible word. (All of them. Ha!)

    What a wonderful photograph of the shirts on the line. It takes me back to my own experience at the lake. Gee, I hope to get to do it again before too many years go by.

  12. Laundry dried outside has a wonderful smell, you have lots of area to hang clothes on the gazebo. Neat use for it.

  13. You just crack me up! (So does your husband.)

    I have never seen a bad picture of clothes on a clothes line.
    Your is one of my top 3 pictures.
    Must be the wind or scenic view or the gazebo.

  14. I love the gazebo clothes line! An idea for a cover when hanging sheets out, throw it over the top and us plenty of clothes pins..An instant cover!

  15. I thought I was the only one to use my gazebo as a clothes line. ha!! I do love the look of the clothes blowing in the wind by the lake though. So pretty! Thanks for stopping by and for the follow. Following you back!

  16. That is clever! Kuddos to hubby! :o)
    I can imagine your shirts dried very quickly. I love hanging clothes on our line. Especially our linens. :o)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Seeing clothes hanging on any line...or gazebo, is so foreign to me...I haven't seen them since I was a little fact we have to sign in our rent to not hang out clothes, so I loved these pictures.

    Oh bears...this city girl has never seen one. My son did come back from Colorado hearing about them. LOL

  18. This is a hoot! I do the same thing with our gazebo before we put the top on! now I look at it and wince... because while I have the cool shady spot on the deck that we so enjoy, I no longer have my clothesline!!!
    Love it!


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