Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Wannabe Scottie Owner

  This is a silly post. A really silly post. So you can't say you haven't been forewarned!
As the title says I am a wannabe scottie terrier owner. We had a dog that passed on over three years ago and we has fully intended to replace him right away. But that was when we were traveling too much and didn't feel we could handle a puppy until we were settled.
Two years ago while traveling back to see my folks in Iowa my cousin and I went shopping and I found not one, but two sweet terriers to bring home with me!
     Let me introduce to you Dughall and Fiona. Now tell me that you too wouldn't have brought them home with you too. I named these two sweethearts after Becky's real Scottie Terriers at Sweet Cottage Dreams.
You can link to visit them in action at www.sweetcottagedreams.blogspot.com  As I told Becky I've been negligent with these two little dears. So today I  got them out for a little fresh air, fun, and sunshine!

    Here they are playing amongst the flowers.

    After a quick ride up the road with Mommy to hunt for bear, Dughall and Fiona take a wee dip.
                      Ah, oh caught them spooning again!
    And lastly, up the ladder to the loft to bed down  to bag a few z's.

    And wouldn't you know after we are safely tucked away in our bed-look who showed up in the yard!
    He was in a big hurry to get away today so Mommy didn't get a very good shot.
    Disclaimer: Every Nannie has to do a silly post for her sweet little grandkids! Hi Starlet and Lambie!


  1. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! It reminds me of taking my stick horse childhood pony out for a ride when I was in my forties.

    This was HILARIOUS!

  2. Those are the best kind of pets to have when our lives are busy. I love our little Ben, but he's a senior citizen now and very much like taking care of a baby. Somedays I feel exausted! The scenery is just beautiful in your photos!

  3. Hi Kimberly, what a cute storey for your grandchildren. I like Doughall and Fiona and think they're pretty cute. If you ever come to N.B. please let me know and maybe we can meet! That would be fun! I'm glad you didn't meet up with the bear face to face. That is scary to have them so close! I hope you have a great day! Blessings, Pamela

  4. One thing is for certain... You don't have to feed Dughall and Fiona, you don't have fleas in the house, you don't have to say "Stop barking", and you don't have to take them to the vet.... BUT---you don't get all of those wet kisses and waggy tails, do you??????? Sounds like you are YEARNING for a new doggie......


  5. Very cute post! I bet the grands will love it. At least those two are cuddly, but you don't have to worry about feeding them! :)

  6. Well gosh, they lead a really exciting life! And look how happy they are :-)

  7. I'm with you girl! And very excited we finally got to see Mr. Bear!

    I didn't know the Cloche Party was going on again next week?!?! If so, I'll definitely get on it then - I missed the deadline, apparently by less than 24 hours. :(


  8. Isn't it funny what we do for our grand kids? I do things that are just plain ole crazy. I know I didn't do them for my own kids.:)Those are nice dogs by the way.
    Of course you could use me in a post about old books. I can never figure out how it was I started a blog about gardening. Books have been the love of my life ever since the first book I read, called Eagle Feather by
    Clyde Robert Bulla. Not to mention the Happy Hollisters. :) I just wanted to see if you knew those too.
    You could enter if you wanted to, I don't mind paying the postage. now that the post office is working up there.

    I am reading the series now about Beatrix Potter by Susan Wittig Albert. I think they go by the name The Cottage tales of Beatrix Potter. I don't like books like this normally, but the author writes just like the old authors I have loved. I am also reading some of her other series of books and have been happy so far. :)
    Sorry this is so long by the way. :)

  9. This is such a cute post today. :o)
    I love your little Scotties. :o)
    Isn't Becky's blog so precious? I love when she posts her pups.
    Thank you for the sweet words about my little sewing room coming along. :o)
    Sincerely, Trish

  10. This is just so adorable. It truly is amazing what all we do for those little hearts that we love soooo much. I so want to see a bear...maybe soon


  11. hahaha i did like you post! And those are two cute little doggies!

    But the bear is pretty scary although he/she is foggy!

    Hopped over from FarmChick! Hope you come on over to my side of the fence!

  12. And they are almost as darling as Becky's! Such a cute post. I hope the grands enjoyed it!

  13. You put a smile on my face...How sweet they are!

  14. This is sooooo cute!!!

    You must stop by and visit my GUS the Schnauzer on my This is the day blog.

    I have a white stuffed Scottie similar to yours...plaid ribbon and all! Suppose to look like my passed on Schnauzer Heidi who was salt & pepper..but almost white with age.

    Will visit again!!!



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