Friday, 22 July 2011

Busy As A Bee

  This has been the year of the bee in my yard. Since I haven't been able to do the weeding I usually do each year I have been blessed with many more flowers than usual in my beds. And how does that make sense? Because I had been pulling out flowers that I thought were weeds, you silly wabbit!! Thus, more flowers-more bees.
But seriously I have been busy as a little bee myself lately.

Actually as busy as three bees!

I have been painstakingly copying my old antique patterns.

Thirty years ago I bought a box full of antique patterns in a small rural Mo town.
The patterns date from 1929-1950's. They were all mailed to the same woman.

Miss Delta C. Wilson of Milton, Iowa
I like that name Delta. The only other Delta I've ever heard of was
"Delta Dawn". My Delta wore a size 40. I know this because there were a few
dress and apron patterns besides all the sewing patterns. The box is full of
embroidery patterns of all kinds: t-towels, pillowcase edgings, dress scarves,
aprons, etc, Really too many to name. And all kinds of stuffed animal patterns.
Quilt patterns, cut-work, lawn ornaments, rugs, tablecloths, cross-stitch pictures
Anyway, a real treasure trove to me. So now I'm finally copying them. They were
originally iron-on ink. But not so much now! They had many tears in the folds.
I feel I finally have enough to open my etsy shop soon. The thing I'm really excited
about is that they are sent PDF so a person can start on their project right away.
With any good luck I may have a shop sometime next week.
So that's my busy bee story. Now what have you been buzzing around working on?


  1. What a great idea can't wait to browse.

  2. The bees have been really thick around our place this year.

  3. What fun to have all of those patterns. I can't wait to see them. You have me thinking I need to work on getting an etsy shop up and running for my yarn soon.
    Have fun!

  4. Oh wow! What a treasure you have there! I can hardly wait to see what you will post in your Etsy shop. :o)
    Don't you just love bees? They are so fascinating. :o)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  5. What a wonderful treasure. Now size 40...not the weigh under 100 pounds we are seeing as the style today.

    Enjoy your busy bee day...this would be fun.

  6. That's one thing that I haven't seen a lot of this year...bees. I wonder why.
    Can't wait to see your etsy shop!
    Unfortunately, I haven't been busy as a bee doing a darn thing. Lazy.

  7. That is a fantastic idea! Think it just might be a little gold mine.

  8. That's quite a find. You're Etsy shop will profit and you'll have saved a little bit of the past for people to enjoy today. Lovely.

  9. Oh what a treasure! I found a plastic shoe box full of patterns at a sale, but nothing to compare to yours...not even close!! xo

  10. Awesome old patterns! I'm sure you'll do very well with them on etsy. Embroidery seems to be making a big comeback. Lucky you for finding these:>)

  11. Yes, great treasures but more then that, those patterns are life history of Miss Delta C. Wilson of Milton, Iowa.

    Just reading about the patterns, you can get a sence of what she was like.

    You are preserving a bit of history!
    Love it!

  12. Oh how wonderful is this...I love the idea of all the old patters...can't wait to browse. My mom has done a set of dish towels for every girl in our family which including great grand daughters is considerable! She has some of those embroidery patterns I see here. I love it! Have a wonderful week-end. Debbie

  13. That is so awesome. I think you have such a find there. I can wait until you have them all loading in your etsy shop so I can see them.
    I have a old trunk filled with all of the hand work from my side of the family and quilts from my husband's side and the trunk is from when his family emigrated to the U.S. from Ireland. I have always wanted to redo it so I can't wait to see your things.

  14. Fabulous idea!! I'll definitely be visiting...

    Blessings, Debbie

  15. Hi Busy Bee.... You are so lucky to have gotten all of those old patterns... I can understand how they can make you very busy!!!!! It's the kind of stuff that's hard to put down, isn't it????

    Glad your bees are busy outside... We were busy bees this morning going for our annual doctor's checkup... I have to have a colonoscopy... YUK...

    Have a great day.

  16. My mom used to have bunches of old patterns like that. I can remember seeing them when I was quite young. Good luck with your Etsy shop!

  17. What a lucky find of all those vintage patterns. I love the old embroidery patterns. I too, have noticed a lot of bees around this year and that's a very good thing. We need bees! No bees, no food!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. What a treasure trove. The kitty looks like a doll blanket my grandma embroidered for me as a girl.

  19. What a great find, I love old patterns.

    You made me laugh, I am always pulling flowers thinking they are weeds too


  20. I guess you have been a busy little bee -- it will be super fun to visit your store when it's up and running... best of luck!

  21. Your garden looks great! You thinned the plants to give the flowers more room to bloom - very smart (if inadvertent!).

    I love the patterns - my mom had some dishtowels that were embroidered with similar patterns. I love the Mexican guy - that would be perfect for my chile pepper kitchen!

  22. OMGosh- Are those from the little old WorkBooks~ I think they were called? My mother had loads of those books that came through the mail and I remember that some of the iron on transfers were red and she would use them for embroidery. What a fun find you have there! xo Diana

  23. Can't wait to see your vintage patterns. I love to do handwork. Your book collection is adorable. Mimi

  24. I'm a huge etsy customer....always eager to see a new shop or artist there!

  25. This is a great idea, I am sure I will be visiting. This is a part of history, a terrific find.

  26. Hi,

    Just discovered your blog from your comment at Vee's blog. I was intrigued by the Camp and Cottage living title. Looks like a fun blog to follow.

    I'll be back.

    Retire Knitter

  27. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my place and becoming a follower! :) It's always nice to make new friends. Looks like we have a few things in common...old books (I've always had a weak spot for them), your lovely old tablecloths (I have a few of my own that I treasure) and the fact that you're simplifying. It's always my goal to keep it simple and I'm getting better about it. :) I look forward to visiting here often!

  28. Aw... I love your little kitty embroidery pattern!


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