Monday, 11 July 2011

The Birthday Boy!

     When I first started my blog I had not planned on sharing any personal photos. Couldn't imagine anyone  
     caring much about my family gatherings and such. But after a few weeks I realized how much I enjoyed
     hearing about the special events in my new found friends lives and perhaps they'd like to share a wee bit
     in mine also.
      So I hope you don't mind "Nannie's" brag photos from Reece's first birthday party.
     If you do  you'd better quit reading right here!!
     Reece's promenade to the cake eating ceremony. Don't you just love this little fellows silky, red hair?

     Next was the cake eating contest. Reece didn't quite know what to think of this icing. He has never had
     anything with sugar in it before. I hope he doesn't get hooked now!!

    The best way to clean up this little M&M (sweet on the inside & sugar coated on the outside) is to throw
     him in the swimming  pool. He loves the water!!

    And what fun is a party if you don't have friends to share it with? Little Reecie's second cousins added to
    his special days excitement. There parents drove for hours to bring them-bless their hearts!
    It was a whirlwind trip for us. We drove all the way to southern MI to pick up my mother in-law and then
    up at 7AM in order to make it in time to the afternoon birthday party in Traverse City. Then a five hour
    drive home. I was beat, for sure.
    But Sunday was a relaxing day. We went to a strawberry festival after church and then home to enjoy the 84 degree weather. Yes I said 84 degrees! I believe summer is here at long last.
    Take care,


  1. Aw...happy birthday to him. What a cutie! Very nice pictures. Looks like a fun family time. :)

  2. Your Reece is a sweet little guy and I'm glad you shared his first birthday pictures with us. Grandchildren are so precious and I have to travel across the country to see ours. Thankfully they are coming to see us in September! I can't wait! It's going to be 30 here today! :-)

  3. Your little Reece is such a doll and he sure does have a beautiful head of hair and look at those long lashes (photo of first taste of sugar)! Thanks for sharing his first birhtday with us...I'm a grandma too and totally relate to the thrill of it all. xo

  4. Look at all that beautiful hair!

    Yes, we do love look at family pictures. It's fun to see their personalities come through, by way of pictures.

    Happy Birthday little M & M , (love the nick name).

  5. We have much in common... one grandson is a Reese too just with an s instead of the c...and a daughter with the same color hair as your sweet grandson! Loved the pictures, he is so cute! We have 3 july birthdays so there is a lot of celebrating with CAKE going on at my house!

  6. Hi!! I am honored that I was the one that inspired your leap into blogging! I just spent a few minutes reading back all the way to your beginning post, where you mentioned me. Thank you!

    You have a beautiful setting where you live. I grew up in Michigan and spent many years camping around Lake Superior. In fact I have some of those beautiful rocks that line your shore here, that I have had for over 40 years.

    I am having a hard time trying to follow you right now. Google is acting up, but the next time I pop in I will try again.

  7. Lovely post. Your little guy is precious and I too love his hair.

  8. What a sweet grandson. We just had our first - a granddaughter, in December. I'm loving being a Nana.

    Thanks for visiting my recipe blog. I love cooking, but usually cook without a recipe so most stuff doesn't make it onto the blog.

    I read through a few posts - your home on Lake Superior looks like a beautiful place to live. I've never been that far east in Canada (except for a quick trip to Niagara Falls). My husband and I want to go one year - to Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. It's a big country we have!

  9. what a precious little baby

    happy birthday !!!

  10. You have no idea what I would give for 84 right now! I feel like I'm being cooked in an oven, with several days in a row over 100.
    I like blogs that mix in a little bit of real life (family posts) with all the other interesting topics. Your grand is adorable and he looks like he's having a great time with his little cousins!

  11. OH. .I do love his hair. .what a sweet boy. We have a little one turning one at the end of this week and just celebrated the two year old this last weekend. There is nothing so precious as seeing the little cousins learning to be family.
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. .and I am delighted to add a fellow Canadian to my blog friend page.

  12. thanks for stopping by May Days. The blue island is in the previous post.

  13. Aw what a cutie! You have such a lovely family!

  14. Awe...he's too cute! Happy Birthday little guy!
    I thought the same way about my family photos. Since the day I posted my first few, I post them all the time! I love 'family' blogs!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  15. I could eat him for dinner he's soooooo cute!!! And I do love his silky red hair. I've always had a weak spot for red heads.

    The colors in the photo of the kids all in the pool are so wonderfully vibrant!

    Keep sharing!

  16. Oh he is so sweet I love the red hair and the birthday cake face. Thanks for following along with me I have done the same. I always look at the profiles so many things in common Fanny Flagg can't wait to get to heaven is so wonderful. and who doesn't love holiday in? Lucky you by the water that is my dream on day to have a very small cabin by the water.

  17. He's an M&M for sure, bet you could eat him up! Glad the b-day party was a success.

    84 degrees? Are you kidding me? I'm moving next door to you! We're over 100 today with humidity off the charts, like the weatherman is doing warnings to stay out of it if you can. Yowza!

    Thanks for sharing, love to hear what you're doing.


  18. He's adorable! Yes, I, too, enjoy seeing other's grands and all that they're up to. Plus, your blog is a wonderful way to document for your own family. So it's a win-win all the way around to share some family photos.


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