Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Old Book Love

  Are you a collector of old books? I don't really fall into the category of  "collector", but I do have a decent collection of old books that I love. In other words if I buy an old book it's because I like to read it, not because I like the cover.
Last week I connected with a blogging lady that had read my profile and noticed that  many of our favorite books to read where the same. This isn't that unusual-many people share a love for the same authors. But what was different about this story is that the books are very, very old and neither of us thought there was
anyone else on the planet that would ever read them. Since then Kim and I have corresponded and found that there were even more obscure books that we have in common. Now isn't that something you just love about blogging?

And here is one of my all time favorite authors-Gene Stratton Porter. The 1st book I read was "The Girl
of Limberlost". These are some of the books Kim and I have in common.

This book takes place in the Indiana swamps of Limberlost were Elnora lives and collects moths to sell to raise money. Her mother is resentful of her-I won't go into details and ruin it for you. But she doesn't provide for Elnora so this is why she has to raise money selling moths. And then there are loving neighbors that help
and the bird lady to whom she sell her moths. It is a beautiful story and if you once pick it up and read it, you'll want to read Mrs. Porter's other books as well.

Look at the front of this one. Isn't it just gorgeous? I don't often find many books with a picture front and I was so happy to get this one. My finds of GSP books span several states. Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri are the four I remember.

                                  Here's one my dad liked to read. I bet yours did too!

                                                     I just love the inside opening of this book.

                                                This old one is beginning to get ragged.

                                 Do you reconize any here that you have read?
And who doesn't need a 1938 book on etiquette?  I'm afraid that I've just discovered in the chapter on conversation that I am mis-pronuncing my u's. I am making my u's sound like oo's. Ex: duty (I say dooty)
tune(I say toon). Well from what I've read I'm mispronuncing everything with a u!! Well someone should've informed Mrs. Cornelius Beeckman that how we pronunce our words depends on what part of the country we're from, right? I just happened to be raised in the midwest and that is the way we say our u's!
I have several other books I was going to share, but I'll save them for another day. If you are interested in finding some good books from by-gone days to read Kim has a neat site she can refer you to. Her blog is
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I adore Girl of the Limberlost. My dear Grandmother turned me on to that book when I was a girl. One of my all time favorites! Now I'll need to find me a copy and read it all over again!!

  2. I work in a used book store and sometimes these types of books are in the mix of ones brought in. I have never read them but from now on I will let you know what I have and if you have any interest.

  3. Beautiful collection of books. I would love to read the one on etiquette. Do you find them in old bookstores or thrift shops. You have definitely peaked my interest

  4. I have tons and tons of old books. I love them! I have never read any of those stratton-porter books, so I'll keep my eye out!

  5. I've collected old books that were mentioned in the Little House books. I had never heard of Gene Stratton-Porter, but it was brought up somewhere else within the last few days (one of my facebook friends maybe). I just went back looking for it and can't find it. If I do I'll let you know what it was...

  6. I found it. My friend, Sarah Sue, wrote a blog post about her the other day -

  7. You have a lovely collection of old books. I don't think I've heard of any of them though. I have inherited a few old books from my childhood (50's and 60's) including Dr. Kildare! Do you remember the tv show? Oh, you're too young if you don't. He was such a dreamboat. LOL (Richard Chamberland). Have a great day! Pamela

  8. What an interesting post! and the covers on some of your books are great!! I collect a few old books for my bookshelf displays and such,,,,maybe I should read some of them too. I do enjoy reading alot. I will keep my eyes open now for books that may have a beautiful picture on the front like "At the Foot of the Rainbow".
    Have a great day! and yes, we do enjoy our BnB business. Thanks for stopping by the country :)

  9. what a nice post! I love that you posted a picture of Laddie, Oh, don't you just love Laddie, I read it about once a year. I have some of those same covers, I am so glad I met someone like you how loves these old books like you do.
    Okay these authors aren't so old but what about Mary Stewart and Daphne Du Maurier and Jean Webster she wrote Dear Enemy and Daddy-long legs,
    Understood Betsy by Dorthy Canfield.
    I have always loved reading out loud so when our kids were young we read out loud instead of watching T.v. So because I had 4 active boys I had to get things that weren't too girly.

    This is so much fun, It is like sharing all of my friends with my new friend. Oh, The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit. I will stop now, I feel like a kid in a candy store.
    Thanks for mentioning my name.
    Have a wonderful day, I was looking so forward to this post. It was like Christmas morning and opening packages.
    I have a old book of etiquette too.

  10. I love Girl of the Limberlost also. Did you ever see the Wonderworks movie of it? Beautiful. Love old books also. Just finished Mary Wakefield and discovered that it one in a series of Jalna books. Recently discovered Monica Dickens (she's Charles' granddaughter) She has a wonderful style. Visiting from No Spring Chicken. The name of your blog intrigued me.

  11. My heart is pounding just a little bit faster at the sight of your 'collection'. I am a sucker for old books. I love the way the look and I love reading them. One can get so caught up in the precise elocution of some of the older volumes, can't one?

    Gene Stratton Porter is an absolute favorite of mine. I've never read At The Foot Of The Rainbow! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  12. There was a great film made of The Girl of the Limberlost - just wonderful!

  13. The correct pronunciation of 'u' was a pet peeve of my high school english teacher, Mrs. Jake. She frequently admonished us for 'being lazy' in our speech.

  14. My Mama always said that if you have three of something, it's a collection. Girl, you have a treasured book collection! :-)
    I have read Freckle and Girl of the Limberlost. And of course A Child's Garden of Verses. I love children's literature. I have more books than I can count and was just telling my husband yesterday that I need to get rid of some of the ones I don't care about to make room for the ones that seem to keep piling up.

  15. They just don't make them like they use to.
    Who could you read something as warm as these on a Kindle?

    Call me old fashion!

  16. Ah, another kindred spirit! I adore old books. I think Elsie Dinsmore was the first I read when I was around ten. I cried and cried when I read how stern her Papa was to her.
    Do you enjoy Grace Livingston Hill and Emilie Loring? I love reading about the fashion and etiquette of the early 1900's.

  17. Another one here - A Girl of the Limberlost was one of my favorites when I was a girl. I probably found it in the bookcase at my grandparents' cottage - it was full of books that were old even then. What treasures!

  18. I recognize some of those by Gene Stratton Porter. I love books too, but it was getting a little out of hand here with how many we had, so my husband and I sorted out several boxes full and donated them to the library's book sale. We just didn't have the space to store so many anymore.

  19. Great post! I like that it led you to someone else with overlapping interests!

    I love books. Old, new.....all of them.

  20. oh...i LOVE old books...they are stacked in here from floor to celing...

    about the little birds...they were not edible... did i spell that right ?

    they were made of iron...we tried putting them on the cake....but they sank

    happy to see you today, my friend

    kary and teddy
    p.s. i have The Harvester too


  21. Hi Kimberly! I love olden books and you've got some great ones!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Hello! So glad you popped over for a visit to my blog, as now I get to visit yours, and I am soo glad I did...Your right, we have much in common...Including, the love of reading and old books. I don't think I have any of yours, in fact I got rid of a lot of mine when we moved a year ago. But you have soo gotten my interest. Limberlost sounds wonderful. I think I will look for it. I also love aprons, and tablecloths. Don't ya just love all the kindred spirits in blogland? Have a wonderful week-end. BLESSINGS, Debbie

  23. Oh these are many of them I have read to my children, but in a modern day printing. I love collecting some of my favorites in their original print.

    Yes the Girl of the Limberlost...and others from her are some of our favorites.

  24. How interesting that we both shared a post related to our collection of old books. I am putting Girl of the Limberlost on my list of books to look for when I'm out thrifting. This one is new to me, but I can tell by your description that I would love it.
    I love to read those old etiquette books. I have a few of them and have to laugh at how things have changed so much. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing :).

  25. I adore Gene Stratton Porter, and A Girl of the Limberlost is maybe my favorite book of all time! I would so love to find a set like this!

  26. HI
    I am so glad that you stopped by my blog! Thank you for the nice comment!
    My mom use to collect GSP books. Also Harold Bell Wright. I remember as a small child going to old bookstores with her! She gave my DD her GSP books and gave me for HBW. Sadly, I have them boxed away. DD won't get her's until she is older and more settled. I need to sit down and read these books. I know they have to be good.

    Did you know that there was a movie of The Girl of the Limberlost in the 90's? If I remember correctly, it was sold through Featured Family Films. It was SOOOO good. As a First Grader, my DD loved it. I need to pull this movie out while I still have a VCR and watch it again.

    Have a great day

  27. Idon't have a huge collection of old books but some very old old one at that - yours here I've never seen before.. love it! Hugs

  28. I love old books too. There's nothing finer, in my mind, than shelves upon shelves of old books. The Stratton-Porter books sound like great reads, I'd never heard of this author before but the artwork is delightful. You have a wonderful collection!


  29. What a great collection of old reads. I have a few stacked on shelves myself. They are a treasure. Debi


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