Saturday, 16 July 2011


  Have you ever had a time in your life when you think you have things settled and  are on an even keel and then something unexpectedly comes along and  temporarily throws you off balance? Well that's what happened in my life this week.
As some of you know my husband and I have worked away from home in various locations. But in March I left my job as an art gallery manager and we moved back to settle in our home on the lake. There were many factors that caused us to make this decision. Mostly concerning family. It was a huge decision. Mostly concerning giving up a great paying job and stepping out in faith to do something we've always wanted to do.

                                          I needed some light and some Godly wisdom.
When working in the Yukon 3 summers ago, one of our co-workers was an Aussie lady named Barb (Bawb, is how she pronounces it). We became fast friends. But we've lost track of each other in the last year as she also does a lot of traveling too.
To make a long story short. She was in a new position where the company she worked for needed two seasoned manager for a new lodge that they had bought. Communication was made back and forth all week, finally with an employment package that was suitable to all involved. Then came the final decision!

Were we really going to give up this once again to chase the bloody dollar? Was I going to give up my dreams of having a garden again, canning my own food again, living nearer to all our children, and starting my own home-based business, as planned for the money? Not to mention having to drag my dear MIL all the way out west again.
 I hate to admit it, but things were rocky for a while. I was the man in James1:6 whose doubts were like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. And James1:8-double minded and unstable in all my ways.
But when it came down to that final decision, the ink on the contract. We couldn't do it. There was no peace.
I can't tell you the joy I feel again now that the decision to remain here has been made. It is a huge step of faith and I sure there will be times that I waver. But I'm putting my trust in the Lord and following my dreams.
None of us knows what the future holds. I think of those of you who have shared the major changes in your lives with me. Whether it was a loss of finances, a sudden health problem that's effected employment,changes
you've had to make in your lives unexpectedly, but I've seen that you've stood strong and kept the faith. And that is such an encouragement to me. So please know that those little incidents in your own life that you share with others may just be the encouragement that someone out there in blog land needs that day.
I, again, wish you a happy weekend. I'll be back on Monday to visit with you again.


  1. Sometimes I think The Lord lets these things come up so we 'have' to decide what is more the end we really know in our hearts and it is final. You have your home there at the lake, if you were to leave, there is no guarantee that the job would last forever.

    Thank you for bringing up that what we share on our blogs are not falling on deaf ears. xo

  2. Thanks for your comment and the chance to get to meet you. I really like the first post I read about you taking that giant step of faith and staying in your home. If that is the view you have to look at in your pictures I don't know if I would ever want to leave.
    It is just breath taking.
    I am glad you started blogging too and I look forward to following you too.
    Kim/ My Field of Dream

  3. That peace is worth it at all cost...following your dream, that is wonderful, what a blessing. I think of the saying not all gold is gold..some is fool's gold. We just have to discern which is which.
    Blessings on your decision.

  4. I admire you following your heart and not moving without the peace of God in it. The almighty dollar mighty alluring but it is not worth it. I am struggling with a similar situation right now, too. When the time is right, I will know it. I'm glad you're not leaving your cottage in the woods.

  5. I was holding my breath all through your post.
    Then I exhaled with relief and joy!
    I really big on following your heart.

  6. Kimberly-
    Wow! I loved reading this post.
    I love it when you hear a great testimony; and about waiting on and TRUSTING the LORD.
    It is scary in the waiting process but there is such Peace in God's perfect Will!

    Thanks for sharing it here with us...yes! it's encouraging.
    there is a blessing in the Telling and the Hearing...


  7. I think some things are meant to be...and this is one of them. Have a great Sunday!

  8. Trust is such a difficult thing. When we are in the process of decision making it can be hard to let our feelings guide feel our way to what is ultimately the right choice.

    I'm glad you were able to come to a peaceful and happy decision. Money will come when we are at peace and joyful. That's part of trusting God too.

    I know many of us have been in this situation before. I just took a 12K cut in pay to go to my dream house and live where life is a bit simpler. Scary...but it feels right.

    Happy Sunday!

  9. I love that expression...following the bloody dollar...who hasn't done that? Especially these days when everything is just so expensive. But I have learned the more you make the more you spend then what? I love staying at homoe and doing what I want...and like you I'm pretty sure my mom will be living with us in the next six months and I look forward to that...And then every once in a while a wonderful package comes in the mail...thank you so much!

  10. 1 year ago I lost my 13 year job to the floods of Nashville at The Salvation simple and not wanting or getting the high end things of this world has brought such peace in my life. We both enjoy the simple life and we are really living..good decision you made to break out of the rat race of life and join LIFE and getting to live what God really entended for us to live...thanks for being a new follower at Mel's Cabin Designs

  11. Hi Kimberly! Oh, what a blessing you are to share this with us today! God really will give us direction if we trust Him and you've shown how He answers prayer today. Peace in our hearts only come from God and I'm so thankful to hear you're at peace again.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. This looks so much like our beloved vacation spot Lake Superior. Our family visits every summer we can get away. If we could we would live there. What a gift to wake up to this every morning...thanks for stopping...Renee

  13. So glad you are staying and that you have a peace in your heart with the decision. Lots of us had changes over the last few years with the recession taking jobs. Sharing our hearts is what bloggers do best, Mom called it sharing our burdens...then it's half the load!

  14. Kimberly - the sense of peace that you have after making your decision is a good sign that you have made the right one!

    Great post!

  15. Kimberly- I am so excited to have found you- don't ask me how it happened-I was blog jumping and there you were. I am signing up as your newest follower. We have moved many many times over the years and keep getting "called" to the shore of Lake Superior. We go to Munising and Marquette and to Copper Harbor and beyond. We absolutely love the peace we find there. I will be dogging your trail and you are stuck with me now! xo Diana

  16. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. You are an inspiration. There are times when everything shifts (our family has experienced that recently) and the only pillar we have to hold on to is the Lord. Which is the very best! :o) I find that our faith is tested too, and all for our good. :o) It sounds to me like you have experienced that and walking in His steps is the very best place to be. :o)
    I hope you have had a beautiful and restful weekend. :o)
    Sincerely, Trish

  17. This is a sweet and wonderful post.


  18. You are totally what your heart is calling you to do. You are there for a reason. I needed to hear this as well. I'm sure there are others out there that needed this encouragement to hold still and hear what we really this moment.
    Thanks for this post and stopping by to see me! Love your visits.

  19. Peace comes when you have great faith in God...and you do. Family is of such great importance; the chase after the almighty dollar is a distraction from things that matter. I'm glad you chose the way you did.

  20. I will say prayers for you and your family that He will sustain you and keep you! My daughter left a high paying job in NY and moved West to be closer to my son and his family, and for a fresh atart. It took courage and a dream and I know in time she will be much happier with a slower paced life.

  21. As a new follower to your blog, I can tell you from the pictures, you made the right decision to stay. Some things are beyond price - and your home and view is one of those ... and family of course.


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